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>> Subject: CTFSNET: CTFS-ForestGEO Opportunity: Seeking R Package Developer
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>> The Center for Tropical Forest Science – Forest Global Earth Observatory
(CTFS-ForestGEO) is a global network of researchers exploring the diversity
and long-term dynamics of the world’s forests using large-scale forest plot
data in 25 countries (http://www.forestgeo.si.edu/).
>> CTFS-ForestGEO developed and maintains a complete data system for
storing and updating tree census results for the CTFS-ForestGEO network on
a MySQL server.  To further comparative data analysis, CTFS-ForestGEO
developed a package of analytical software in the R programming language,
“The CTFS R Package” (http://ctfs.si.edu/Public/CTFSRPackage/), designed
specifically for use with repeated censuses of the CTFSForestGEO data. This
package is central to research within CTFS-ForestGEO, and is broadly used
by the forest ecology community.
>> CTFS-ForestGEO seeks a person to update and optimize the R package and
establish a framework for future maintenance and expansion. We are looking
for someone able to clearly document help pages and to write easy-to-read
code. The R developer will work closely with users of the functions, so
ability to communicate and understand the needs of a broad range of
researchers and students is important.
>> The tasks involved in the position are:
>> - Produce and maintain a package sensu stricto (currently we have
functions and help file, but they are not compliant with current R version).
>> - Set up a fully documented and active github (or other) repository for
the package.
>> - Fully document the functions and complete help files for each function.
>> - Optimize code for speed.
>> - Integrate code written by other researchers into the package.
>> - Integrate the existing R functions to interact directly with output
tables from the MySQL database.
>> - Write new functions to help in the pre-processing and formatting of
CTFS-ForestGEO data.
>> Required skills:
>> - Experience in building R packages, good understanding of S3 and S4
methods, and knowledge of generic R work as well as R environments.
>> - Experience in git and github.
>> - Experience in code debugging, profiling, and optimizing.
>> - Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.
>> Desirable skills:
>> - Experience with R Markdown and Shiny.
>> - Experience with lower level languages, ideally C++.
>> - Previous experience with forest ecology or plant dynamics.
>> For further information on the position please contact Dr. Stuart Davies
(daviess at si.edu), Director, CTFS-ForestGEO.
>> ________________________________
>> To learn more about CTFS - ForestGEO, visit our website (
www.forestgeo.si.edu), twitter (twitter.com/forestgeo) and newsblog (
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