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The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is a $430 million 
dollar observatory project dedicated to understanding how changes in 
climate, land use and invasive species impact ecology. For the next 
three decades NEON will collect a comprehensive range of ecological data 
on a continental scale across 20 eco-climatic domains representing US 
ecosystems. NEON will use cutting edge technology including an airborne 
observation platform that will capture images of regional landscapes and 
vegetation; mobile, re-locatable, and fixed data collection sites with 
automated ground sensors to monitor soil and atmosphere; and trained 
field crews who will observe and sample populations of diverse organisms 
and collect soil and water data. A leading edge cyber-infrastructure 
will calibrate, store and publish this information. The Observatory will 
grow to 300+ personnel and will be the first of its kind designed to 
detect and enable forecasting of ecological change at continental scales.


The AOP Laboratory Manager reports to the Director of Remote Sensing. 
The AOP Laboratory Manager has overall responsibility for the laboratory 
that maintains and calibrates the NEON remote sensing payloads and 
instruments between flight deployments. The AOP Laboratory Manager is 
responsible for the delivery of the AOP payload to AOP Flight 
Operations. Duties include managing all integration and test of the 
payload prior to handoff for flight operations; coordinating handoff 
with AOP Flight Operations; managing instrument testing, calibration, 
and maintenance; and support of the Flight Operations as needed. The AOP 
Laboratory Manager coordinates the electrical, mechanical, software and 
thermal engineering support of the payloads and directs the activities 
of technicians in the laboratory. The AOP Laboratory Manager oversees 
the activities within the AOP Sensor Test Facility which include 
functional, radiometric, spectral, and geometric testing of the AOP 
remote sensing instruments; supporting the development, operation, and 
acceptance of major test sets in the AOP Sensor Test Facility; and 
on-going development and optimization of the payloads to support flight 
operations. The AOP Laboratory Manager will work closely with the AOP 
science team to develop test procedures for the calibration and testing 
of the AOP payloads and with the AOP Flight Operations team to prepare 
and maintain the remote sensing payloads for flight operations.



  * Lead for integration and test of airborne remote sensing payloads
  * Manages handoff to Flight Operations (inspections, inventory, shipping)
  * Direct activities of technicians in the AOP Sensor Test Facility
  * Maintain schedule for activities in AOP Sensor Test Facility
  * Maintain instrumentation and test sets in AOP Sensor Test Facility
  * Manages laboratory testing of sensor making up the payload
  * Manage routine and non-routine maintenance of all payload components
  * Manages technicians to support Flight Operations during campaigns,
    including troubleshooting efforts
  * Develop sensor calibration and maintenance plans in collaboration
    with AOP scientists and engineers
  * Create technical and test reports for AOP scientist review
  * Oversight of external vendors
  * Sensor Test Facility Material & asset tracking
  * Travel to assigned sites in support of the AOP flight operations
    team during flight deployments (i.e., one to two weeks away from HQ)
    as the project needs indicate


  * Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, physics, or
    other related technical field plus 5 years of relevant experience
  * 5-7 years of experience in operation and maintenance of remote
    sensing imaging systems or equivalent electronic/electro-optical
  * Experience with the operation and calibration of remote sensing
    systems or similar types of instrumentation
  * Ability to analyze and troubleshoot electronics systems
  * Previous experience working with outside vendors to facilitate the
    calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment
  * Strong communication skills, fluent written and oral communication
    skills, and the ability to write clear technical documentation.
  * Experience working in a collaborative scientific or engineering


  * Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics or other
    equivalent technical discipline
  * 5-7 years of experience working in a radiometric calibration
    laboratory for airborne or spaceborne earth observing sensors
  * Advanced knowledge of electronics associated with electro-optical
    systems and general electronics including noise management,
    grounding techniques, as well as interfacing electro-optical
    sensors, A/D convertors, and high speed digital circuits
  * Experience with interfacing remote sensing instruments on airborne
    platforms Good working knowledge of running programs in Labview,
    Python, Matlab, or IDL
  * Demonstrated experience with airborne imaging spectrometers, Optech
    Gemini Lidar or equivalent
  * Familiarity with scientific data acquisition systems, particularly
    airborne instrumentation
  * Experience in the use of GPS navigational systems
  * Experience in handling and post-processing of environmental or
    geophysical data
  * Experience in alignment of optical systems
  * Experience programming and developing programs in Labview, Python,
    Matlab, or IDL

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