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SSAI is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.
EEO/AA – Minorities/Females/Disabled/Veterans
Senior Research Scientist - Biological Oceanography
Reference #: 	15-1779
Open Date: 	10/21/2015
Location: 	Greenbelt, MD
US Citizenship Required 	No

Job Description:
SSAI is looking for a biological oceanographer to conduct research 
directed at understanding marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem dynamics 
including short-term temporal variability on regional and global 
scales.  This research will emphasize the marine carbon cycle and the 
interactions and feedbacks between biological (e.g., primary 
production), chemical (e.g., organic carbon and nutrient balances and 
fluxes), and physical processes (river discharge, mixed layer dynamics, 
circulation, etc.) and entails working with field data sets, model 
results and satellite data products from MODIS, VIIRS, and GOCI. The 
scope of the work will include laboratory experiments, deployment on 
field campaigns, processing of samples/measurements and data analysis, 
and satellite data processing and analysis. Research activities may 
involve the development and evaluation of satellite products for 
existing satellite sensors (geostationary or sun-synchronous) and in 
preparation for planned mission (PACE) and future GEO-CAPE 
(Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events) mission. This research 
is conducted in support of the NASA Ocean Biogeochemistry 

Specific activities include:

a)Conducting laboratory experiments and field measurements contributing 
to the development of novel bio-optical algorithms that will take 
advantage of advanced ocean color sensors with ultraviolet, 
hyperspectral UV-Vis-NIR, and narrow spectral band capabilities.

b) Organizing field observations from various sources, obtaining 
coincident satellite data, validating and refining existing satellite 
algorithms and developing/evaluating novel algorithms employing 
hyperspectral and ultraviolet observations for specific coastal regions 
and the global ocean.

c) Processing of satellite data to generate a series of ocean 
biogeochemical products including constituent absorption, carbon stocks 
and fluxes, phytoplankton pigment stocks and functional type.

d) Application of in situ measurements and high frequency ocean color 
data from GOCI to investigate the temporal variability in coastal ocean 
biogeochemical dynamics and satellite uncertainty required to discern 
temporal variations.

e) Participation on a 2-4 week oceanographic research cruises to collect 
and process water samples and deploy optical instrumentation.

Required Qualifications:
Master's degree in oceanography, marine science, remote4 sensing 
science, or closely related field is required.  An undergraduate degree 
in the natural sciences is highly preferred.

Must have knowledge and research experience in ocean color satellite 
remote sensing and oceanography, including expertise in conducting 
biological rate measurements such as primary productivity and 
respiration, and in field deployment of radiometric and inherent optical 
properties’ instrumentation and processing of thosemeasurements.

?Programming experience required including MATLAB and/or IDL.

Good communication skills are essential for presenting the results in 
publications and in scientific meetings.
Desired Qualifications:
Familiarity with SeaDAS is preferred, as is experience working with 
large field datasets.

Additional programming skills (beyond MATLAB and/or IDL) are preferred.

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