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The Weather Hazards and Climate group in the Department of Earth,
Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences <http://www.eaps.purdue.edu/> (EAPS) at
Purdue University has MS or PhD openings available in the area of
meteorological hazards, climate, and climate change beginning in Fall 2016.

Society is vulnerable to weather hazards (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.), and
 these hazards are governed by the laws of physics. Our group uses theory,
numerical modeling, and observations:

   1. to understand the underlying physics of these hazards and their
   dependence on the climate; and
   2. to develop clever physics-based models for quantifying risk and societal

Purdue EAPS is a leader in the study of Earth’s atmosphere and is actively
developing a new research and teaching program in the area of extreme
weather and climate. As the only U.S. school with three of the world’s 500
most powerful supercomputers, Purdue University hosts the best collection
of high-performance research computing systems in the country.

If you are interested in pursuing graduate research in these areas, please
contact Dan Chavas <dchavas at purdue.edu>
​ (dchavas at purdue.edu)*​*
. Students with backgrounds in physics and math are particularly encouraged
to apply.

Information about application requirements is available at:
http://www.eaps.purdue.edu/for_students/graduate/grad_admissions.html . Final
deadline for applications is January 2, 2016, though contact prior to this
date is encouraged.

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