[ES_JOBS_NET] PhD student for project on Eastern Sierra paleoclimate using isotopic biomarkers at Univ. of Kentucky

Sora Kim sora at uchicago.edu
Mon Nov 16 19:23:11 MST 2015

Drs. Kim and McGlue seek a Ph.D. student for research on Holocene
paleoclimate in the Eastern Sierras. This collaborative project will
include multiple institutions and integrate seismic stratigraphy,
chronological dating, carbonate isotope, and leaf wax biomarker data from
lacustrine cores taken in the Eastern Sierras. The results of this project
will be an original contribution to climate change and glacial geology in
the western U.S. We seek a student to focus on compound-specific isotope
analysis of leaf wax biomarkers. The student should be willing to travel
for fieldwork, have a background in stable isotope analysis and/or
biogeochemistry (MS in stable isotope geochemistry or paleolimnology
preferred), and interested in interdisciplinary research.  After
preliminary results, the student will have some flexibility in the specific
research questions to pursue.

The student will be based in the Earth and Environmental Sciences
Department at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. The department has a
stable isotope geochemistry lab with three isotope ratio mass spectrometers
and peripherals for a wide range of isotopic measurements. We expect the
student to learn the chemical and analytical techniques with guidance from
Dr. Kim, but be self-motivated to generate and explore data, maintain
instrumentation, and understand the chemical, biological, and geoscience
context of this project. Interested students should contact Dr. McGlue (
michael.mcglue at uky.edu; https://ees.as.uky.edu/users/mmmc234) or Kim (
sora at uchicago.edu; http://leekim.org/) for further information and submit a
mini application at http://www.uky.edu/AS/Geology/dgs/miniapp.html. More
information on research clusters and facilities as well as the PhD program
at UK and its admission requirements can be found at https://ees.as.uky.edu/


T.C. Chamberlin Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of the Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago, 331 Hinds
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