[ES_JOBS_NET] NEON Job Posting: Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Scientist, Boulder, CO

Jaclyn Jackson jjackson at neoninc.org
Mon Mar 9 10:32:27 MDT 2015

This position reports to the Assistant Director of the Fundamental Instrument Unit. The Fundamental Instrument Unit (FIU) consists of an automated suite of meteorological, atmospheric, soil and eco-physiological measurements.  The Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Scientist will support Science project development and management activities.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

*         Design FIU data flow, data product algorithms and automated QA/QC procedures.

*         Conduct various analyses (e.g., quantitative uncertainty analyses and time-series analyses).

*         Develop FIU data quality assurance, quality control procedures, and uncertainty analyses.

*         Test procedures, modify and implement final products related to data QA/QC.

*         Develop plans for evaluating and transferring data QA/QC activities into an operational basis.

*         Travel to identified professional conferences and NEON field sites.

*         Follow NEON and site specific environmental protection requirements, policy and procedures.

Required Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills:

*         Doctoral degree, or Master's degree with equivalent work experience, in one of the environmental science fields (e.g., Biometeorology, Ecosystem Science, Micrometeorology) or a related science field. Recent PhD graduates may apply.

*         Knowledge of a wide range of meteorological related sensors, and measurement techniques and their associated data acquisition and analysis procedures.

*         Experience with quantitative uncertainty analyses and time-series analyses.

*         Experience delivering a final product from concept through testing to deployment.

*         Experience with critical thinking, scientific writing and review.

*         Demonstrated problem-solving skills.

*         Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with written and verbal communication skills that reflect an ability to clarify and simplify complicated information.

*         Experience working in a collaborative scientific or engineering enterprise.

*         Ability to travel for periods of time ranging from overnight up to one week.

Preferred Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills:

*         Experience working at the synoptic to local scale.

*         Knowledge of both instrument hardware and software development.

*         Work experience with production data flows.

*         Design of data visualization tools.

*         Ability to develop the dataflow designs for different and contrasting data types.

*         Understanding of micrometeorological processes and associated modeling.

Must have permanent authorization for US employment.

Please apply to: www.neoninc.org

NEON Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, Minorities, Veterans and Disabled Persons are encouraged to apply.

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