[ES_JOBS_NET] Staff Scientist Position at USGS Office of Science Quality and Integrity - due Jun 26, 2015

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Staff Scientist Position at USGS Office of Science Quality and Integrity -
due Jun 26, 2015


Job Title: Interdisciplinary Physical
Scientist/Geologist/Hydrologist/Biologist, GS- 1301/1350/1315/0401-12/13
Job Announcement Number: ATL-2015-0868
SALARY:     $76,378.00 to $118,069.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD:    Thursday, May 28, 2015 to Friday, June 26, 2015
SERIES-GRADE:    GS-0401/1301/1315/1350-12/13
POSITION:    Permanent - Full-Time
DUTY LOCATIONS:    1 vacancy in the following location:
Reston, VA

WHO MAY APPLY:    Current/former Federal employees with competitive status
or eligible under a special or noncompetitive appointing authority (e.g.,
severely disabled, eligible Pathways Intern within conversion period,
former Intern noncompetitively converted to a term appointment, Returning
Peace Corps Volunteer, etc.). Veterans who are preference eligibles or have
been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after
approx. 3yrs or more of continuous active service. Additional info:

The Staff Scientist will work directly with the Deputy Director and the
Director of OSQI on a number of important short-term and long-term
projects.  These can include involvement with the following USGS-OSQI
Programs/activities – the Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program; the
research and development scientist review program (RGE-EDGE); Fundamental
Science Practices; Youth and Education Programs; Scientific Integrity; and
possibly others.

The Office of Science Quality is a vibrant organization within the Office
of the Director.  What is the core role of OSQI? Credibility is the
currency of science. The USGS has the highest level of credibility which
has been established and continuously maintained during its 136 year
history. The primary responsibility of OSQI is to monitor, protect and
enhance that credibility.  Integrity is essential to building and
maintaining that credibility.  Each program in OSQI contributes to elements
that build credibility.

Some of the specific duties include:

-Serves as a resource on the scientific/programmatic aspects of the
organization as well as the operational aspects, working directly with the
Mission Areas and Regions throughout the USGS.

-Serves as an assistant to OSQI senior management on overall administrative
activities relating to planning and programming of multidisciplinary
scientific investigations. Arranges review, by appropriate staff members,
of all project proposals received in OSQI, examines the review comments,
and gives senior management endorsement or disapproval on all proposals.

-Participates in the formulation and execution of OSQI procedures and in
assessing the impact on the programs of developments in other parts of the
agency, other government organizations, or in the private sector. Reviews
the long range plans of the Mission Areas, Regions and Science Centers
noting objectives, problems, and constraints; responsiveness to national
and local concerns; relevancy; and timeliness of planned activities.
Reviews are conducted to assess possible impacts on OSQI function and to
anticipate needs of a changing organization.

-In collaboration with senior staff, assists in maintenance of appropriate
scrutiny to assure accomplishment of scheduled programs. Conducts and
assists in detailed reviews and evaluation of programs, with particular
attention to the design and scheduling of projects; analyzes plans for
projects to ascertain if activity as proposed is realistic in scope and
content and commensurate with stated objectives

-Prepares reports of findings on various management aspects of science
programs within OSQI and beyond and makes recommendations on assigned
topics related to scientific program oversight, program development,
partner information needs, emerging science issues, and management options
to promote quality and for protecting the integrity of science.

-Develops background and briefing papers on management aspects of resource
issues and emerging programs related to bureau goals and objectives to
provide timely and comprehensive information, options and alternatives to
facilitate decision-making in the context of the overall mission of OSQI.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Rama K. Kotra (
rkotra at usgs.gov).

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