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Company: 	Fidelity Exploration & Production Company 	Department: 	Powder 
River Basin
Location: 	Denver, CO 	Hiring Manager: 	Daniel Harrington
Closing Date: 	06/15/2015 	Job Type: 	Full-Time
Position is eligible for Employee Referral Program.
Job Summary:
Geologist III:
Responsible for the geologic aspects of drilling exploration and 
appraisal wells. Design well evaluation programs to acquire critical 
geologic and engineering data in coordination with engineers. Carry out 
detailed geological studies and incorporate relevant aspects of other 
disciplines to support field development activities for the purpose of 
maximizing hydrocarbon recovery.

Correlate well logs, construct structure and isopach maps and 
stratigraphic and structural cross sections under the supervision and 
direction of a senior geologist.
Provide data quality control for open hole logs while data is being 
Work with field personnel to coordinate geo-steering of horizontal wells.
Generate geologic drilling prognoses and provide operations support to 
the field and drilling personnel.
Update field interpretations from evaluation of well log, core and 
operational data.
Use and maintain geologic databases via workstation applications.
Work with company staff and vendors to develop evaluation programs for 
exploration wells.
Perform any special tasks that may be assigned which will contribute to 
the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives.

Senior Geologist:
Identification and generation of oil and gas exploration and 
exploitation drilling prospects and plays resulting in the discovery of 
new economic reserves.

Exploration and exploitation prospect generation and submitted geologic 
analysis over multi-play and multi-basin areas.
Provide geological support to land, engineering and operations on 
exploratory projects in the form of leasehold recommendations, drilling 
locations, well geologic prognosis, well completion recommendations and 
reservoir characterizations through the interpretation of geologic data 
and the generation of isopach, structure maps and cross sections.
Responsible for the interpretation of drilling data and the preparation 
of geologic reports on exploratory wells.
Project management, which includes the planning, recommendation and 
execution of a drilling program.
Identify, acquire and interpret data which is critical to the 
delineation and risking of all play elements with regard to geologic and 
reservoir parameters.
Responsible for the planning and organizing of exploration prospects, 
including recommendations for gravity, geochemical and seismic data 
Responsible for development of geologic brochures on exploration 
prospects and presentations to management and industry partners.
Responsible for geologic research and the integration of production 
data, land reports and drilling data.
Responsible for creation of new geologic concepts, innovative ideas and 
approaches that will lead to the discovery of new oil and gas fields.
Perform any special tasks that may be assigned which will contribute to 
the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives.
Minimum Qualifications:
Geologist III:
Bachlor's degree in geology or related field. Must have a minimum of six 
years of applicable industry experience including experience in 
geo-steering horizontal wells and developing evaluation programs for 
exploration wells including coring and full suite logging and 
demonstrate advanced proficiency in geologic computer software 
applications. Employee must also demonstrate ability, skills and 
knowledge to:
Engage in prospect generation and screening of externally generated deals.
Work with landmen and reservoir engineers to develop new growth 
opportunities and develop a strategic exploration plan to capture these 
opportunities and add value.
Help identify, evaluate and create a risked inventory of exploration 
prospects within these new plays.
Maintain a clear focus on finding and developing commercial reserves.

Senior Geologist:
Bachelor’s degree in geology with a master’s degree preferred.
Ten years with fifteen years preferred of exploration, exploitation and 
resource play experience.
Must be an experienced proven “oil finder” possessing advanced geologic 
skills and capable of making independent exploration decisions, 
consulting only as necessary on unusual projects with supervisor.
Geologic software application experience required.
Strong geo-chemical and core evaluation experience preferred.
Must be legally authorized to work in the United States, no sponsorships 

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