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 Dear collegues,

please find attached the call for a PhD position.

Let me ask you to distribute this among your colleagues, and/or to forward
it to potential candidates.

best regards

Walter Kurz.


The Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Graz (Austria) is
filling a

*PhD position in „Fault- and fluid-systems subsequent to subduction
initiation in the*

*outer Izu-Bonin-Mariana fore arc and within supra subduction zone

(30 hours a week; fixed-term employment for the period of 3 years;

Envisaged Job Starting Date: immediately)

The PhD position is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Project No. *P 27982-N29*

*Job specification:*

 independent research in the field of structural geology, isotope geology
and microthermometry

 writing a dissertation and Doctoral degree

*Professional qualifications:*

 Completed Master's or diploma in earth-/geosciences or an adequate
Master's or diploma degree

 Relevant Master's or diploma thesis in the field of Structural Geology
and/or Crystalline (Magmatic / Metamorphic) Geology (desirable)

 Experience in the laboratory fluid inclusion analysis, Raman
Spectroscopy, stable isotope geochemistry (desirable)

*Personal profile:*

 self initiative

 independent way of working

 communication skills

 organisational skills

 ability to work in teams

 flexibility and mobility (desirable)

 High motivation and interest in working with technically sophisticated
analytical instruments and associated laboratory activities (desirable)

Dissertation-related research is based on the Integrated Ocean Drilling
Project (IODP)

Expedition 352. International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 352

designed to decode the earliest evolution of arc crust at the
Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) arc-trench

system. The expedition was based on achieving a full volcanic stratigraphy
for the

IBM fore arc to provide a basis for determining the petrogenetic evolution
of the magmas that

immediately postdate subduction initiation. This in turn will allow testing
hypotheses for the

geodynamics of subduction initiation. A major task was to test the
hypothesis that the fore arc

lithosphere created during subduction initiation is the birthplace of
supra-subduction zone

ophiolites. Drilling and monitoring the fore arc provided critical data for
understanding these systems.

Main focus within this project will be the evaluation of fluid/rock
interaction, and the

geochemical processes (indicated by fluids and precipitations) active
within the fore arc, the

estimation of the post-magmatic structural and tectonic evolution, and
comprehensive field

studies within the Troodos ophiolite (Cyprus).

Methods for these studies comprise the petrological characterization of the

magmatic rocks by microscopic description of thin sections, fluid inclusion
(FI) analysis by

heating and cooling (microthermometry) and by Raman spectroscopy, analysis
of stable

isotope, Sr- and fluid mobile element isotope signatures of vein
precipitates, investigation of

mesoscale fabrics along drill core sections in order to elaborate and
document the internal

structure, and microstructural studies in order to establish the
deformation conditions.


Salary scheme of the Universitäten-KV (University Collective Agreement): B1


The salary as stated in the collective agreement and according to the
Austrian Science Fund

(FWF) guidelines is EUR 2024.90 gross/month.

We offer you a job with a lot of responsibility and variety. You can expect
an enjoyable work

climate, flexible work hours and numerous possibilities for further
education and personal

development. Take advantage of the chance to enter into a challenging work
environment full

of team spirit and enthusiasm for your job.

Application Deadline: *30. June 2015*

If you are interested, please submit your application documents within the
stated deadline.

Make sure to indicate the reference number on your application and please
send your CV

and relevant letters of recommendation to:

University of Graz

Institute of Earth Sciences

Prof. Walter Kurz

Heinrichstrasse 26

A-8010 Graz (Austria)

or by e-mail walter.kurz at uni-graz.at
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