[ES_JOBS_NET] Opportunity: Postdoctoral fellow in Remote Sensing of Amazonian Biodiversity

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Date:    Wed, 17 Sep 2014 14:23:04 -0300
From:    "Thiago S. F. Silva" <thiago at UVIC.CA>
Subject: Opportunity: Postdoctoral fellow in Remote Sensing of Amazonian

We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to contribute to the project
"Dimensions US / Biota S=C3=A3o Paulo - Assembly and evolution of the Amazo=
biota and its environment: an integrated approach", co-funded by the S=C3=
Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP, Brazil) and the National Science
Foundation (NSF, USA).

We are looking for candidates of any nationality, with a doctorate in Earth
or Environmental Sciences (Ecology, Geography, Geology, Remote Sensing and
other related fields) and extensive experience in the processing and
analysis of remote sensing data, as well as a solid knowledge on the
ecology and natural history of tropical ecosystems. A good publication
record and proficiency in oral and written English are essential, and the
ability to communicate in Portuguese or Spanish is highly desirable.

The fellowship has a duration of three years, and the candidate will be
expected to be spend equal amounts of time in Brazil, at Dr. Thiago Silva's
lab (Department of Geography, S=C3=A3o Paulo State University, Rio Claro, S=
Brazil) and Dr. Kyle McDonald's lab (Department of Earth & Atmospheric
Science, City University of New York, New York , USA).

Dr. Kyle McDonald - CUNY

Dr. Thiago Silva - UNESP

Detailed information on the position and application instructions are
available at:
(English version available by clicking on the top right corner)

Please share!

*Thiago Sanna Freire Silva*
Assistant Professor

Ecosystem Dynamics Observatory
Department of Geography
S=C3=A3o Paulo State University (UNESP)
Rio Claro, SP - Brazil

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