[ES_JOBS_NET] 6 job vacancies in research project on Urban Modelling in Hamburg, Germany

K. Heinke Schluenzen heinke.schluenzen at uni-hamburg.de
Thu Oct 16 00:52:43 MDT 2014

Dear all,

a new transdisciplinary research project on multi-sectoral urban 
modelling will start as joint project of several Hamburg (Germany) 
research institutions. These involve the University of Hamburg (UniHH) 
and the Technical University Hamburg Harburg (TUHH), the University 
Hospital Hamburg (UKE), the institute of Coastal Research at Helmholtz 
Centre in Geesthacht near Hamburg (HZG) and the Harbour City University 
(HCU). Please find offers for one PostDoc and 5 PhD positions in the 
different disciplines involved at


This page is not easy to navigate (sorry for that). Please go to

*Academic staff* (English version) or*Wissenschaftliches Personal 
*(German version) and below that to

*Cluster of excellence - Integrated Climate System Analysis and 
Prediction (CliSAP)* (English version) or
*Exzellenzcluster - Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction 
(CliSAP)* (German version)

/*Deadline for application is *//*31. October 2014*//*, project begin 1. 
January 2015.*/

Best regards, Heinke

P.S. If you have questions concerning any specific job offer contact the 
given contact person. If you have questions on the project in general, 
feel free to contact me, since I'm one of the two project coordinators.

Prof. Dr. Katharina Heinke Schluenzen
			     e-mail:   heinke.schluenzen at uni-hamburg.de
Meteorologisches Institut           phone: +49-40-42838 5082
CEN, Univ. Hamburg                  fax:      +49-40-42838 5452
Bundesstr. 55, 20146 Hamburg, Germany http://www.mi.uni-hamburg.de/memi

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