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Subject: Job: President & CEO, Consortium for Ocean Leadership

The Consortium for Ocean Leadership is a Washington, DC-based nonprofit
organization that represents more than 90 of the leading public and private
ocean research education institutions, aquaria and industry with the
mission to advance research, education and sound ocean policy. The
organization has an annual budget of $235 million and more than 55 staff
that help shape the future of ocean science and technology through
discovery, understanding and action. Ocean Leadership currently manages and
coordinates ocean research and education programs in areas of scientific
ocean drilling, ocean observing, and ocean exploration and facilitates
ocean partnerships. Ocean Leadership is increasingly focused on national
advocacy for science and science support.

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Consortium for Ocean
Leadership and reports to its Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees
seeks a strategic and visionary leader who is dedicated to and driven by
the intricacies and intersections of scientific, societal and national
needs. The President proactively leads conversations that build trust, and
leverages relationships and partnerships across federal, academic, and
industrial sectors to advance the needs and missions of the ocean sciences

Please see Ocean Leadership's website for more details:
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