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Subject: Position: Research Associate in Soil Diffusivity

The University of Alabama has an exciting opportunity available for a lab=
oratory technician/project=20
manager in The Plant Physiological Ecology / Global Change Lab at the Uni=
versity of Alabama. The=20
candidate will manage the laboratory component of a large-scale research =
project that is studying the=20
complex interactions between carbon dynamics of soils and their soil wate=
r holding capacity from the=20
continental U.S.

Required qualifications: Candidate should hold an advanced degree (M.S.) =
in Biology, Ecology, Soil=20
Sciences, or Ecosystems Ecology with experience in carbon soil classifica=
tions, porosity, and data=20
management.  Candidates should also have a basic understanding of of Camp=
bell scientific data=20
loggers, LiCor Inc. gas analyzers.

Relevant links:
University of Alabama:  www.ua.edu
Department of Biology: http://bsc.ua.edu

Support for this position is through extramural funding and is guaranteed=
 for one year with the=20
possibility of an additional 4 years of funding depending on progress of =
the project and job=20

Applicants may contact Dr. Gregory Starr at gstarr at ua.edu=20

Salary is commensurate with experience and includes benefits and retireme=
nt.  To apply visit the UA=92s=20
staff employment website at http://jobs.ua.edu for more information (UA j=
ob # 497417). Initial review=20
of applications will begin on June 15, 2014.  This position will remain o=
pen until filled.

The University of Alabama is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Empl=
oyer. Women and=20
minorities are encouraged to apply.  Electronic application can be made a=
t: http://jobs.ua.edu
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