[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions, University of California, Irvine (multi-scale, atmospheric simulation techniques (cloud superparameterization)

Christine Wiedinmyer christin at ucar.edu
Sun May 4 20:45:20 MDT 2014

Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions
Mike Pritchard’s Group
Department of Earth System Sciences
University of California, Irvine, CA

I am looking for Post-doctoral Research Associates interested in using 
new multi-scale
atmospheric simulation techniques (cloud superparameterization) to 
better understand the basic
dynamics, intrinsic predictability, and climate sensitivity of (1) 
convectively coupled modes of
atmospheric variability (such as the Madden-Julian Oscillation and 
Central US summertime
mesoscale convective systems) and (2) land-atmosphere hydrologic coupling.

The term of appointment is for one year, renewable for at least a second 
year, subject to
approval and availability of funding. Positions are not entirely project 
specific, but applicants
who can demonstrate research relevance to the above topics are 
preferred. Start dates are
flexible and could begin as early as July 2014. It is expected that two 
positions will be available.

Computational fluency in Fortran90 and standard UNIX scripting languages 
is preferred.
Applicants who already have or are eager to grow any of the following 
technical skills are
especially encouraged:

- Understanding of (and ability to modify) physical parameterizations in 
the NCAR
Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) and Community Land Model (CLM).

- Applying an atmospheric model in weather prediction mode initialized 
using data
assimilation (e.g. with the CAM-Data Assimilation Research Testbed).

- High performance software engineering, such as GPU acceleration or 
optimization of massively parallel MPI/OpenMP code.

The Department of Earth System Science at UCI is a highly 
interdisciplinary environment with
faculty expertise in many components of the Earth System, including 
modeling atmospheric
physics and terrestrial hydrology. Living in Irvine means enjoying 
Southern California sunshine,
a cap-and-trade carbon economy, and nearby Laguna & Newport Beaches (for 
surfing), Los
Angeles (for hipster culture), and Palm Springs / Joshua Tree (for 
desert solace).

Please submit electronically: (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a publication 
list, (3) a brief cover letter
(no more than 1 page) describing research interests, and (4) the names 
of four individuals who
can provide a letter of reference. Applications should be received prior 
to June 15, 2014 and can
be sent directly to me at mspritch at uci.edu.


Mike Pritchard.

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