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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (District) is a regional 
government agency, committed to achieving clean air to protect the 
public's health and the environment. The District accomplishes this goal 
through regulation of industrial facilities and various outreach and 
incentive programs designed to encourage clean air choices.

The District's jurisdiction encompasses all of seven counties - Alameda, 
Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Napa, and 
portions of two others - southwestern Solano and southern Sonoma.

The District is currently conducting a recruitment for the position of 
Senior Air Quality Meteorologist in the Technical Services Division. 
There is one (1) vacancy. This is a regular, represented position with 
regular working hours between 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday. 
Occasional overtime on weekends and holidays is required.


Provides lead direction and performs the more complex professional 
meteorological work; performs related work as assigned.


This is the advanced lead level in the professional meteorology series. 
Incumbents provide lead direction to professional and support staff and 
perform the more complex meteorological studies including assessing and 
improving prediction of future air quality levels in the Bay Area 
through the use of computer models. This class is distinguished from the 
Supervising Air Quality Meteorologist in that the latter plans, 
organizes, supervises, reviews and evaluates staff and activities of an 
assigned section.
  Examples of Duties for this Position:
*Provides lead direction, training and work review to professional, 
technical and support staff; resolves technical questions relating to 
the work.

Trains staff in work procedures and participates in the evaluation of 
work performance.

Reviews various operational forecast models; assesses the 
appropriateness of meteorological data used and the assumptions made; 
advises on new products needed from vendors and advises Executive Staff 
whether air quality standards may be exceeded on a daily and weekly basis.

Leads the section in the implementation of the Air District Open Burn 
program and attends two to three regional meetings each year to 
facilitate cooperation with meteorologists in neighboring Air Districts.

Determines compliance with District regulations; determines the 
responsible source for exceedances of air quality standards; recommends 
and supports enforcement and legal actions.

Represents the District in coordinating activities with other 
operational and research groups and public agencies.

Collects, analyzes and interprets meteorological data gathered by 
surface and upper air stations, satellites and profilers; verifies 
quality of data; identifies and explains trends.

Studies and interprets synoptic reports, maps, satellite photographs, 
prognostic charts and air pollution data to predict long and short range 
air quality conditions; recommends air quality advisories, and 
determines acreage amounts to be burned by State and local agencies upon 

Applies scientific and statistical techniques to solve complex air 
pollution analysis and forecasting problems.*

Identifies research needs, designs and conducts technical and 
statistical studies and prepares reports of findings.

Represents the District in coordinating activities with other 
operational and research groups and public agencies.

Collects, analyzes and interprets meteorological data gathered by 
surface and upper air stations, satellites and radar; verifies quality 
of data; identifies and explains trends.

Studies and interprets synoptic reports, maps, photographs and 
prognostic charts and air contaminant data to predict long and short 
range meteorological and air quality conditions; issues various periodic 
and special air quality advisories.

Performs statistical and computer analysis of complex meteorological and 
air quality relationships.

Writes and implements computer programs and software to manipulate and 
analyze meteorological and air quality data.

Applies scientific and mathematical theories, principles, models and 
techniques to solve complex air pollution analysis and forecasting problems.

Participates in developing and monitoring the annual budget for the section.
  Minimum Qualifications:
*Education and Experience*

A typical way to obtain the knowledge and skills is:

Equivalent to graduation from a four year college or university with 
major coursework in meteorology or a closely related field and three 
years of professional meteorological experience involving environmental 
quality analysis and forecasting.

*Other Requirements*

Must possess a valid California driver's license.

Specified positions may require physical strength and agility to climb 
towers in excess of 10 meters in height. Specified positions may require 
some weekend work.

Please note: This position includes weekend and holiday assignments. 
Such assignments are rotated with two other meteorologists. Assignments 
usually result in working approximately every 6th weekend during spring 
and summer and every 3rd weekend during fall and winter. These overtime 
assignments typically require up to 5 hours on either or both weekend 
days before 1pm and may be done by telecommute with the approval of the 
  How to Apply & Selection Criteria:
*How to Apply*

Interested individuals must submit a completed official BAAQMD 
application along with a chronological resume and the answers to the 
Supplemental Questionnaire to the District's Human Resources Office at 
939 Ellis Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94109 by*no later than 5 
p.m. on May 12, 2014*. Applications are accepted online. Please visit 
our website at www.baaqmd.gov/jobs to apply or to download an application.

Resumes are required, but not in lieu of the required application 
materials. Postmarks, faxes, and E-mailed applications will not be accepted.

Selection may be based upon a competitive examination consisting of a 
written exercise, interview, or combination of the two. Depending on the 
number of qualified applicants, an application screening and/or panel 
interview may be used to determine the most qualified applicants. If a 
panel interview is utilized it will be weighted 100%, and it may include 
a written exercise that will be scored as a percentage of the total score.

*The District may hire from this recruitment process to fill future 
vacancies occurring within the next 18 months.*

Persons with disabilities who may require reasonable accommodations 
during the application and/or selection process should notify the Human 
Resources Office at (415) 749-4980.


Knowledge of:

Basic principles and practices in training new meteorologists.

Principles and theories of scientific meteorology, including physics, 
mathematics and statistics and their applications to environmental air 

Principles and techniques of meteorological and air quality analysis, 
forecasting and modeling.

Applicable District rules and regulations and state and federal laws 
related to air quality and prescribed burning.

Principles and techniques of scientific research and data analysis.

Skill in:

Planning, assigning, directing and reviewing the work of assigned staff.

Training others in work procedures.

Applying meteorological and air quality principles and theories.

Preparing and analyzing meteorological and air quality data and issuing 
accurate forecasts.

Communicating effectively, both orally and in writing.

Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with those 
contacted in the course of the work.

Preparing clear and concise reports, correspondence and other written 

Using initiative and sound independent judgment within established 

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