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Subject: M.S. Positions, Aquatic Biology, Georgia Southern University

M.S. Positions, Aquatic Biology, Georgia Southern University

We invite applications for two graduate research assistant positions
(M.Sc.) in the Department of Biology at Georgia Southern University in
Statesboro, GA (http://cosm.georgiasouthern.edu/biology/), starting in Fall
2014. The RA's will be a key component of a multi-investigator, and
ultimately interdisciplinary, effort to study coastal plain rivers and
surrounding ecosystems, particularly in relation to natural and
anthropogenic disturbances. A large portion of the work will take place at
multiple sites within the Ogeechee River Basin (approximately 15 minutes
from Statesboro). Specifically, the RA's will make possible a rigorous
monitoring and assessment program by quantifying major consumer and
producer communities and associated processes at the ecosystem level.  A
major component of the project will include studies on how consumer groups
(i.e., fish and invertebrates) respond to environmental stressors.
Developing this sort of "comprehensive monitoring and assessment program"
is a priority research area for the project and for the region. RA's will
be expected to develop independent research projects in one the areas
listed and under the supervision of project PI.

Dr. Risa Cohen (rcohen at georgiasouthern.edu) Toxicology; Restoration and

Dr. Checo Colon-Gaud (jccolongaud at georgiasouthern.edu) Invertebrate
Ecology; Aquatic food webs

Dr. Johanne Lewis (jmlewis at georgiasouthern.edu) Comparative Physiology;
Environmental stressors

Dr. Vinoth Sittaramane (vsittaramane at georgiasouthern.edu) Developmental
Biology; Environmental stressors

Dr. Stephen P. Vives (svives at georgiasouthern.edu) Ichthyology; Behavior and
Conservation of fishes

These activities will lead to the completion of MS degree in Biology. RA
appointments are for 2 years (12-month appointments each year, encompassing
fall, spring and summer terms).  Funding in the amount of $15,000 (+
tuition waiver) will be provided during each year of the appointment. More
information about the Biology graduate program can be found at the
departmental web page (

Students interested in the position should contact Dr. Checo Colon-Gaud (
jccolongaud at georgiasouthern.edu) or, the Biology Graduate Program Director,
Dr. Lance McBrayer (lancemcbrayer at georgiasouthern.edu) as soon as possible.
Application deadline is June 1st, 2014. Please include a statement of
research interests and any or all of the following with your email - CV,
transcripts and GRE scores (unofficial is ok at this time).
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