[ES_JOBS_NET] Physical Oceanographer job at NOAA Office of Response and Restoration Emergency Response Division

Jessica Winter jessicalwinter at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 14:20:54 MDT 2014


I'm pleased to announce that ERD is hiring a physical oceanographer through
USAJobs.  Prospective candidates for this position can get more information
and apply for the position at  https://www.usajobs.gov/.  The announcement
numbers for the MAP and DE are
NOS-ORR-2014-0015 and NOS-orr-2014-0016.

The job is located in Seattle, WA (travel and relocation expenses are NOT
authorized), and is being advertised as a Physical Oceanographer  (1360
series, grade GS 13).  The position is in the Bargaining Unit and must be a
US Citizen.  The primary responsibilities of the position include providing
pollutant transport forecasts and maintaining ERD response software.

The position will be open from July 2 to July 8.


Glen Watabayashi
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