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Wed Jan 29 14:43:20 MST 2014

From:    Jim Tang <jtang at MBL.EDU>
Subject: Postdoc position in ecosystem science

The MBL Ecosystems Center (http://www.mbl.edu/ecosystems/) is seeking appli=
cants for a postdoctoral scientist who will organize synthesis activities o=
n warming experiments, as well as conduct research focusing on greenhouse g=
as emissions from coastal salt marsh and other temperate ecosystems.  The p=
ostdoc is expected to coordinate and facilitate synthesis workshops to be c=
onducted at the USGS Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis (http://powel=
lcenter.usgs.gov) focusing on ecosystem responses to climate change with wa=
rming experiments, and to organize and lead publications. The postdoc is al=
so expected to explore warming experiments on the salt marshes on Cape Cod =
in Massachusetts where carbon and nitrogen cycling are currently studied (h=
ttp://wbnerrwetlandscarbon.net/) and examine the response of forests to war=
ming and nitrogen additions at Harvard Forest (http://harvardforest.fas.har=
vard.edu/). The postdoc will have access to the excellent research faciliti=
es and state-of-art laboratories and instrumentation that mentors will prov=
ide. The postdoc will be co-mentored by Dr. Jim Tang at MBL, Dr. Kevin Kroe=
ger at the USGS Woods Hole Science Center, and Dr. Pamela Templer at Boston=
 University. This is a one-year position subject to extension pending fundi=
ng approval or a two-year half-time position. Applications will be reviewed=
 starting Feb. 15 and this position will be filled as soon as possible.=20

Ph.D. in ecology, earth sciences, or a related field is required. The candi=
dates should have  excellent communication, organizational, and statistical=
 skills with a productive publication record. Previous experience in conduc=
ting multiple tasks on synthesizing and processing existing data as well as=
 conducting field-based research is highly desired. Working collaboratively=
 within an interdisciplinary team is required. Previous experience with gas=
 analyzers and data management is desired.

To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, publication samples, and names=
 of three references to  Drs. Jim Tang (jtang at mbl.edu), Dr. Kevin Kroeger (=
kkroeger at usgs.gov), and Dr. Pamela Templer (ptempler at bu.edu).=20
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