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Dear All,

We have been awarded a Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) with a focus on Water Informatics in Science and Engineering (WISE). WISE is a collaborative effort across the Universities of Exeter (focus is urban drainage), Bristol (hydrology), Cardiff (hydraulics) and Bath (wastewater/water quality). 

We are looking to recruit up to 20 PhD students per year for the next five years into WISE. Students can come from any engineering or physical sciences discipline, as well as mathematics or computing. UK and EU students will be fully funded for 4 years (others can be partially funded). The first year includes a set of courses in informatics and water subjects, followed by a period to develop a specific research idea for every student. Each student will then execute the research at their institution of choice. Students are part of the program, but will receive their degree from only one of the institutions involved.

More information about WISE and the application process can be found here.


Please pass this information on to any BS or MS student interested in the computational aspects of water research.

I would also be happy to interact with any interested candidates.

Thank you,


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