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Graduate Student or Post-doctoral Fellow Position in Coral Genomics
A research team that includes faculty members within the Marine Sciences Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Marchetti and Castillo Labs) and the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences at Northeastern University (Ries Lab) is seeking a highly motivated graduate student or postdoctoral fellow to join our group. The graduate student/post-doc will be expected to work as part of a team to analyze large transcriptomic datasets from corals to investigate the molecular underpinnings of their responses to variations in seawater temperature and pH predicted to occur as a result of rising atmospheric pCO2. Desired skills include knowledge of the unix/linux command line, computer languages such as R, Python, Perl, and biostatistical/bioinformatical approaches. Suitable backgrounds for applicants include marine sciences, biology, environmental sciences, biostatistics, bioinformatics or computational sciences-related fields. Funding for a post-doctoral fellow is available for one year with the option of renewal, pending funding availability. Please contact Dr. Adrian Marchetti (amarchetti at unc.edu) or Dr. Karl Castillo (kdcastil at email.unc.edu) for further information.

Justin B. Ries, Ph.D.
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