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Please post the below on behalf of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA.


Geological Project Scientist - 76967
Organization:  ES-Earth Sciences

This Project Scientist position is for an individual to analyze interactions between tropical ecosystems and the atmosphere, and to use those analyses to inform observational and experimental needs for land model improvement. The project will involve analysis of Earth System Model (ESM) predictions and development of observationally-based model benchmarks.  We seek talented applicants with skills in (1) application of ESMs to analyze land-atmosphere interactions, ecosystem processes, and demography; (2) sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification; (3) quantification of feedback processes; (4) analysis of site-level and remote sensing data to develop benchmarks for ESM land model evaluation; and (5) the analysis and interpretation of large datasets (e.g., CMIP5). 

The successful candidate may focus on several groups of important tropical ecosystem and atmospheric interactions and analyses, including: (1) sensitivity experiments to mimic experimental manipulations; (2) conducting global model experiments to test the sensitivity of tropical forests to increasing atmospheric CO2, nutrient limitation, rising temperature, and land use change; (3) investigating multi-model tropical ecosystem responses to climate change; (4) testing improvements to the representation of nutrient limitations relevant to tropical regions; and (5) identifying tropical ecoregions and representativeness of potential sampling locations. Although the position will begin with a focus on tropical systems, we seek an interdisciplinary scientist with expertise and interests in diverse terrestrial systems.

The work will require an applicant with a wide range of skills: (1) good understanding of the tropical biogeochemical processes most important for climate prediction; (2) ability to manipulate and analyze large observational and model-derived datasets; (3) ability to perform statistical and analytical analyses of interactions between the terrestrial biosphere and atmosphere; (4) oral and written presentation of results; and (5) ability to work in an integrated team environment.

• Perform uncertainty and sensitivity quantification
• Use existing experimental and observational datasets to evaluate existing model structures and parameterizations
• Evaluate land and atmospheric biogeophysical feedbacks and their uncertainty.
• Manipulate and analyze large observational and model-derived datasets.
• Work as a member of a large multidisciplinary research team.
• Author technical reports and peer-reviewed journal articles.

• Recent PhD or postdoctoral experience;
• Ability to analyze coupled atmosphere and land-surface models to characterize feedbacks;
• Research experience in analysis and interpretation of complex datasets. 
• Established record of peer reviewed articles.
• Ability to work creatively, independently, and productively;
• Oral and written presentation of results; and
• Ability to work in an integrated team environment.

NOTE:  This is a 1 year term appointment with the possibility of renewal. Equal Employment Opportunity: Berkeley Lab is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer committed to the development of a diverse workforce.

How To Apply
Apply directly online at http://bit.ly/lbl76967EarthSciEmail and follow the on-line instructions to complete the application process. 

Berkeley Lab is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to the development of a safe and diverse workforce. 

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