[ES_JOBS_NET] PhD Opportunity in Isotope Geochemistry at the University of Wollongong – Studying the landscape response to past climate change using isotope geochemistry

Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Wed Jan 8 10:10:36 MST 2014

One PhD scholarship is currently available for a project in
Isotope Geochemistry at the University of Wollongong
> In order to predict how our water and soil resources will be
> able to cope with future climate change, we can study sedimentary records
> decipher how the landscape has responded to past climate variability.
> This project will use isotope geochemistry to re-construct
> variations in chemical weathering (which shapes the global carbon cycle),
> soil
> erosion and sediment transport in rivers. Isotopic systems used will be
> lithium, boron or uranium-series isotopes, which all provide different
> constraints on Earth surface processes.
> The PhD project will be undertaken under the supervision of
> Dr Anthony Dosseto (http://smah.uow.edu.au/sees/contacts/UOW066559.html[1]).
> The student will integrate the Wollongong Isotope Geochronology
> directed by Dr Dosseto (http://smah.uow.edu.au/sees/WIGL/ [2])
> in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.
> The applicant should have a B.Sc. with Honours 1st class, a
> M.Sc. or equivalent, have published at least one peer-reviewed article,
> knowledge of isotope geochemistry, low temperature geochemistry (chemical
> weathering, soil processes), experience with laboratory work and if
> with mass spectrometry.
> The PhD scholarship includes tuition fees and offers a
> living allowance for the 3-year duration of the project. Salary will be
> equivalent to the standard Australian Postgraduate Award stipend:
> tax-free, per annum. See
> http://www.uow.edu.au/research/rsc/prospective/UOW070389.html [3]
> for more details.
> If interested, send a cover letter and CV to Dr Anthony
> Dosseto (tonyd at uow.edu.au [4]).
> Deadline for applications (flexible) is 28 February 2014.
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