[ES_JOBS_NET] 2 PhD positions Hydroecology Science and Engineering Lab at Colorado State University

Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Fri Feb 21 10:54:35 MST 2014

   *Seeking 2 new PhD students for the Hydroecology Science and Engineering
   Lab at Colorado State University, starting Fall 2014*

   Contact Dr. Michael Gooseff (mgooseff at engr.colostate.edu) for additional
   Lab web page at: http://www.engr.colostate.edu/~mgooseff/

   *System Responses to Permafrost Degradation* - In the past several years,
   several researchers have discovered permafrost degradation features in
   McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. The most abundant features found are on
   the margins of stream channels, which are directly influencing stream
   chemistry and sediment load. We seek a student who will focus on the
   changes to stream (and possibly lake) systems in response to permafrost
   degradation around streams in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica. The
   student will be expected to deploy to Antarctica and spend extensive time
   working both independently and cooperatively as part of an
   interdisciplinary research team to conduct research on the function of

   *How Does Stream-Watershed Connectivity Influence Ecosystem Function and
   Water Quality?* - The connectivity of stream networks to watersheds
   across spatial and temporal scales, yet fundamentally controls water and
   solute fluxes to stream networks. We seek a student to focus on the water
   quality and stream ecosystem responses to seasonal, annual, and
   anthropogenically induced changes in hydrologic and chemical connectivity
   across several watersheds in Colorado.

   *Our Lab*: Our research group (and the broader programs at CSU) is a
   friendly, respectful, and collaborative environment in which students
   with each other and Dr. Gooseff to solve problems and advance ideas. Most
   of Dr. Gooseff's graduate students conduct some level of field data
   collection or experimentation prior to conducting numerical modeling or
   analysis studies to make progress on determining how natural systems
   function or might respond to specific perturbations.

   *Successful applicants* for these opportunities will have:

   · -- a strong motivation and deep curiosity,

   · -- a solid quantitative background,

   · -- ability to work with MATLAB, R, and/or GIS,

   · -- ability to conduct field work in harsh, sometimes demanding
   conditions, and

   · ---- strong communication and interpersonal skills.

   Opportunities exist for the applicants to work with Dr. Gooseff through
   graduate program in the Department of Civil & Environmental
   the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology
   <http://ecology.colostate.edu/>(GDPE), and/or the I-WATER
   IGERT <http://i-water.colostate.edu/> program at Colorado State

   Michael Gooseff -- Associate Professor
   Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
   Colorado State University
   Fort Collins, CO 80525

   email: mgooseff at engr.colostate.edu
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