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Hi all,

We are hiring a lab manager to be split between running and maintaining our new shared bio facility in the School of Earth Sciences and managing my lab. The job ad can be found at http://stanfordcareers.stanford.edu/job-search by searching for job posting 61907. I have also attached the job description to this email. Applicants can apply through that same link. 



Paula V. Welander
Assistant Professor
Environmental Earth System Science
Stanford University

tel. (650) 723-7341 fax. (650) 498-5099 

Geobiology Lab Manager – 61907
Geobiology Lab Manager, Environmental Earth System Science

Stanford’s School of Earth Sciences (SES) is a world leader in Earth and Environmental Sciences and Engineering, dedicated to the creation, integration, and transformation of fundamental understanding of Earth processes, and the application of that knowledge to help provide energy, water, and a safe and sustainable planet. As one of Stanford’s seven schools, SES provides both undergraduate and graduate education and training to future leaders in a range of geosciences and engineering disciplines.

Environmental Earth Systems Science (EESS) is an academic department within the School of Earth Sciences that takes an inter‐disciplinary approach to understanding environmental change on the local to global scale. EESS is also home to a variety of specialized shared facilities and laboratories that support the research activities of faculty within the School and from outside groups, and supports the cross‐cutting nature of these endeavors.

Position Summary:

The Geobiology Lab Manager will support operations in two key research facilities: 1) a new biology lab facility, with both wet and dry lab components, that will support the research of multiple faculty and research groups in the School; and 2) a single faculty‐run laboratory. The Lab Manager will be responsible for overseeing equipment maintenance and capability, ensuring availability of supplies and providing support for principal investigators, postdocs and graduate students. We are specifically interested in someone with skills in microbial growth and microbial community analysis. Some of the duties of this position are:

Geobiology Shared Lab Facility – wet lab
• Oversee and ensure ongoing operations of all equipment, including contact and coordination with service personnel as necessary
• Maintain records of equipment performance and maintenance, for full range of biology laboratory items
• Independently maintain laboratory supply inventories to respond to user needs
• Provide training of facility equipment to all users, and serve as resource for any user problems or assistance with experimental protocols

Geobiology Shared Lab Facility – dry lab
• Create a relational database for geobiology rock and specimen samples including key information to inform research use
• Manage and maintain dry lab equipment such as digital calipers, petrographic microscopes and field equipment
• Manage and maintain sample preparation facilities to obtain rock powders to be used in geochemical analyses and heavy liquid separation apparatus for separation of conodont microfossils from acid residues

Faculty Lab Facility
• Oversight of all lab operations

• Maintenance of technical equipment, ensuring ongoing operations
• Maintenance of lab supply inventory, and ensuring constant availability of necessary supplies and services
• Responsible for maintaining microbial lab strains and communities for research use
• Support lab group postdocs, students and affiliated staff and faculty with instruction, facility services and other support duties

• Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree highly desired or a combination of education and a

minimum of 3 years laboratory experience in a relevant field
• Experience in microbial culturing, maintenance and community analysis and associated analytical techniques
• Experience in providing instruction in use of laboratory equipment
• Experience in sterile operations and storage techniques
• Highly organized, detail‐oriented, responsible for assigned outcomes
• Excellent verbal and written communication abilities
• Ability to multi‐task, and maintain laboratory in professional manner
• Strong computer skills, including experience with word‐processing, database, and other relevant programs
• Ability to work independently within a multi‐disciplinary and multi‐user research environment • Experience with implementation and enforcement of lab safety protocols

Job: Research
Location: School of Earth Sciences Schedule: Full‐time
Job Grade: 2P1

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