[ES_JOBS_NET] Friesen lab @ MSU seeking postdoc for nitrogenase project

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Tue Jul 16 15:29:50 MDT 2013

Nitrogen is one of the most limiting nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems. A new joint project between the Friesen lab at Michigan State University and the Rutherford & Buck labs at Imperial College London seeks to isolate and characterize microbes with novel biological nitrogen-fixation capabilities. A talented and collaborative individual is sought to join the Friesen lab as a postdoc to contribute to this project. Desired skills include microbiology, biochemistry, and genetics/genomics (there will be no plant work in the current phase of this project). The position will be located at MSU in East Lansing, MI, with opportunities to participate in field collections and collaborative stays in London. The successful candidate will be encouraged to develop independent lines of research and will benefit from an egalitarian and highly interactive lab environment. Start date is as soon as possible. Please send CV and ~1-page statement of research interests to mfriesen at msu.edu.
Maren L. Friesen
Assistant Professor, Dept. Plant Biology
Michigan State University
612 Wilson Rd, East Lansing, MI USA 48824-6481
phone: +1 (323) 454-3023 || office: +1 (517) 844-6947 || fax: +1 (517) 353-1926

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