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Dear ESWNers: Please consider and/or pass on to someone who might be interested.

UC Merced has lots of great female faculty!

Marilyn Fogel

I have two hybrid postdoc positions available at the University of California at Merced, starting in mid-fall (around October or so). UC Merced is a new university as described in the formal advertisement. As a disclaimer, it reminds me of working out on the Prairie with electrical resources sometimes a bit sketchy, forging and building new cabins out of sod, tilling untouched land to create something new. 

In plain language, I am in the process of setting up a new stable isotope ecology/biochemistry/geochemistry lab at UC Merced. I am looking to hire 2 postdocs who will be responsible for helping to set up the lab, work with students, faculty on projects, and do routine maintenance of the lab (about 40% time). In exchange, the postdoc will have freedom to pursue studies of their own design and will be expected to publish papers, attend conferences, and prepare themselves for either an academic career or lab manager position out in the world—you will be able to make that choice after spending the time experiencing both pathways.

The "laboratory" at this time is a pretty empty room, but it is anticipated that the first mass spec will arrive in early November. Peripherals will include 2 GC-C-IRM systems (for H, N, and C), the CUBE for C, N, and S, a GasBench, regular EA and TCEA. I hope to purchase a laser instrument for CO2 and CH4 measurements.

UC Merced is part of a Critical Zone Observatory project in the Southern Sierras. We are surrounded by California's most interesting environments and have opportunities to work in Yosemite National Park. Merced is a small town, but nice enough to spend a couple of years in. We are located about 2-3 hours from the ocean, the mountains (spectacular ones!), the Central Valley (we are in it), San Francisco, San Jose, and other UC Campuses. The cost of living is pretty cheap.

To apply, please click on the link below. Required are the names of three references, a research statement,CV, and a cover letter. The position(s) are open until they are filled.


Regards, Marilyn Fogel
Dr. Marilyn L. Fogel, Professor of Ecology
School of Natural Sciences
University of California at Merced
5200 Lake Rd., Merced California 95343
Phone: 209-205-6743; FAX: 209-228-4646
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