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Subject: Postdoctoral position in microbial metagenomics in winter

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION on microbial metagenomics in winter
Fredericton, Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Fredericton, NB is looking for=20=

candidates for a post-doctoral fellowship position of 28 months. It is=20=

generally assumed that under winter conditions, nitrogen processes are=20=

negligible however the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide production can=20
represent up to 70% of the annual nitrogen losses.  There is scarce=20
information as to how microbial communities change over winter and how=20=

they differ from summer communities.   The project overall goal is to=20
evaluate changes in denitrifier and nitrifier communities in agricultural=
fields over winter, determine possible environmental and edaphic factors=20=

controlling these communities and measure the greenhouse gas nitrous oxid=
emissions, denitrification and nitrification rate. The successful=20
candidate will be working on a major collaborative initiative including=20=

university (Dr. David Burton, University of Dalhousie), and AAFC=20
researchers (Dr. Bernie Zebarth (Fredericton) and Dr. Frank Larney=20
(Lethbridge, AB)).=20=20

Applicants should have experience in next generation sequencing of=20
microbial communities. Experience with denitrifier or nitrifier=20
communities is not required; scientists with training in other soil=20
communities i.e. bacterial and/or fungal from soil, sediment or water are=
welcome to apply.

Knowledge of English is required. The candidate have to meet the criteria=
of the NSERC
Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories Program=20

Please send a resume to: Dr. Claudia Goyer (claudia.goyer at agr.gc.ca),=20
Potato Research Centre, AAFC, Fredericton, NB. Fax: (506) 460-4377.=20
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