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Subject: Postdoc position - Climate Change and Colorado Plateau Ecosystems

A postdoctoral position is available at the USGS Canyonlands Research Sta=
tion located in Moab, UT.=20=20
The successful candidate will work on a collaborative project examining h=
ow climate change will=20
affect soils, plants, and nutrient cycles of the Colorado Plateau.  This =
project includes analysis of=20
existing vegetation survey data and a large rainfall manipulation experim=
ent.  Within the=20
framework of this large, USGS-funded study, this position will: 1) overse=
e treatments and supervise=20
technicians helping with data collection, 2) synthesize data to explore p=
atterns of climate change=20
linkages to ecosystem function, 3) effectively use statistical analyses t=
o assess effects, and 4)=20
communicate results in presentations and peer-reviewed publications.=20=20=

This position offers an exciting opportunity to elucidate how climate cha=
nge =96 predicted to be=20
notably strong on the Colorado Plateau =96 will affect the plants, soils,=
 and ecosystem function of the=20
region.  Specifically, this position will focus on 1) how treatments affe=
ct plant cover, physiology=20
(e.g., gas exchange, water potential), and phenology and 2) explore how p=
are likely to change under a drier climate.=20

A Ph.D. degree and a background in laboratory and field methods in ecolog=
y, plant physiology,=20
and/or soil science is preferred. The Canyonlands Research Station is a U=
SGS-BRD facility and the=20
successful applicant would be working with Drs. Jayne Belnap and Mike Dun=
iway.  Moab, UT is a=20
small town offering a variety of outdoor adventures, and more information=
 about Moab can be=20
found at www.discovermoab.com.=20

Salary is $47,500/year plus full benefits. Preferred start date is Feb 20=
14. Position is expected to=20
last 2 years with potential 2-year extension. Interested individuals shou=
ld submit a cover letter,=20
curriculum vitae, and three references to Mike Duniway (mduniway at usgs.gov=
 or mailed to 2290=20
S.W. Resource Blvd., Moab, UT 84532).  Electronic applications are prefer=
red. Visit=20
http://sbsc.wr.usgs.gov/news_info/jobs for updates about the position.

Both Drs. Duniway (mduniway at usgs.gov) and Belnap (jayne_belnap at usgs.gov) =
will be at ESA. If you=20
would like to talk, drop us an email and we will arrange a meeting.=20
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