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Hi All,

This is a new Assistant Director position available at Princeton 
University.  The funding will be for a minimum of five years.  Ph.D. 
preferred but not required.

*_POSITION_**:**Assistant Director of Research and Operations **- 
Southern Ocean Research Center*

*_REPORTS TO_**:Director, Southern Ocean Research Center *
Princeton University is establishing a new interdisciplinary research 
center to conduct groundbreaking research on the southern ocean and to 
determine its influence on climate.The Southern Ocean Research Center 
will involve multiple principle investigators from Princeton and other 
major research institutions and participate in international observation 
and simulation efforts.
The Assistant Director of Research and Operations is a newly created 
senior position reporting to the Southern Ocean Research Center's 
Director.This individual will be charged with leading, managing, and 
optimizing the administrative functions of this new Southern Ocean 
Research Center and facilitating its overall goals.
The Assistant Director of Research and Operationswill play a critical 
role in the successful day-to-day operation and long-term sustainability 
of the Southern Ocean Research Center, and act as principal 
administrator and outreach liaison, managing program activities for the 
Center's faculty, students, and staff to ensure that the research and 
development projects move forward and goals are achieved.


Additional responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
*Research Implementation and Management *

    * Establish and execute the Center's implementation plan for: (1)
      Southern Ocean float based observations and state estimation; (2)
      Southern Ocean modeling; and (3) education, diversity, and
      outreach. This implementation plan will establish the schedule,
      cost phasing, and allocation of resources needed to carry out the
      Center's activities involving Princeton University and
      approximately 15 other institutions, 24 senior personnel, 11
      graduate students, 7 postdocs, and additional support staff.
    * Oversee the planning, coordination, organization, and execution of
      high-profile activities including the annual implementation plan
      in support of the Center Director, Associate Director, Faculty and
      External Advisory Board. **
    * Coordinate activities of the Center's Research support staff to
      establish and achieve common goals and milestones.  Make
      recommendations for streamlining Center processes and procedures.
    * Assist the Center Director in developing and writing research
      proposals for additional funding for research relating to the
      Center's activities. Coordinate with department administrative
      staff to facilitate the submission of same. **
    * Draft correspondence and written reports such as the annual report
      to the External Advisory Board; preparation of updates; analysis,
      evaluation, and preparation of reports on the efficacy of various
      funding programs.
    * The incumbent must be able to become sufficiently conversant in
      the scientific and technical dimensions of the Center's mission to
      be able to clearly convey opinions and findings/data through
      detailed analysis.
    * Represent the Center at scientific meetings including presentation
      of report results and exchange of information with the scientific
    * Provideprogrammatic support to the Center's leadership team
      including the Center Director and Associate Director and
      coordinate activities of Education & Outreach Manager, Data
      Manager, Web Developer and Business Manager.**
    * Participate in the Center's Executive and Advisory Committee

*Operations and Administration*

    * Responsible for budget development, budget oversight, and related
      business plans, including coordinatingthe annual allocation of
      Center funding to support research, education, outreach, knowledge
      transfer, and Center operations' projects across partner
      institutions and research teams.
    * Responsible for overall adherence to policies and procedures as
      well as for financial oversight of the entire project.

    * Facilitate the sub-award process with all institutions involved in
      the consortium. Review and evaluate concurrence with the
      statements of work, review invoicing for work performed, and
      ensure that the timeline for the work is met, including receipt of
    * Participate in the development and enhancement of standard
      operating procedures and guidelines for all matters related to the
    * Plan and implementall project meetings and annual summer workshop.**
    * Direct the activities of the Business Manager with responsibility
      for administrative support functions and details of project
      management including project financial status and forecasting;
      verification of documentation; cost and schedule tracking;
      approval of major purchasing decisions; subcontract management;
      and procurement.

    * Develop, implement, and evaluate programs and strategies designed
      to enhance professional development and career advancement
      opportunities for Center students, post-doctoral scholars, and
      research staff.
    * Direct the preparation and distribution of marketing and
      promotional materials about the Center's people, activities, and
      events to organizational constituents via online and printed
      newsletters, written correspondence, and social media in
      coordination with department administrative staff.
    * Coordinate assistance and information to visiting scholars,
      including international scholars, as needed.
    * Coordinate visits involving Center sponsors, high-ranking
      university, government, and industry personnel, and other visitors.
    * Collaborate with department administrative staff to coordinate
      student, post-doctoral scholar, and staff recruiting, hiring,
      training, and classification as well as ensuring the completion of
      forms and documents including those related to Human Resources and


    * Minimum 5-10 years of work experience in related science area or
      the equivalent combination of education and research experience
      from which comparable knowledge and abilities have been acquired.
    * Strong organizational and management skills and good
      judgment;responsiveness with the ability to handle multiple tasks
      in a timely manner. Project management experience.
    * Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills,
      the ability to work in a dynamic environment.
    * Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
    * Active listening skills to develop relationships and build trust
      and credibility with a diverse set of stakeholders. High level of
      emotional intelligence, judgment, astuteness, and strategic
      thinking. Ability to resolve conflict thoughtfully.
    * Leadership and staff development skills which exhibit qualities of
      integrity, trustworthiness, respect and team collaboration.
    * Proven ability to work independently with limited supervision, as
      well as the ability to manage others.
    * Ability to work with confidential information, manage information
      and data, work independently, and exercise good judgment.

*Preferred Qualifications:*
·Ph.D. in related technical or scientific field is strongly preferred.

To apply, please link to https://jobs.princeton.edu,position requisition 
number 1300278.


*/Laura Rossi/*
Manager, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program
Administrator, Cooperative Institute for Climate Science
*Princeton University*
208 Sayre Hall, Forrestal Campus
300 Forrestal Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08540-6654
Phone: 609-258-6376
Fax: 609-258-2850
Email: Lrossi at Princeton.EDU
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