[Dart-users] hardware/software support plans for DART

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Tue Dec 4 13:28:50 MST 2012

p.s. to my last note:

thanks to those who have already replied.  i'll add
'LoadLeveler' back to the list of job submission systems
that we have users using, and there's a couple newer
SGI hardware systems (Ice and UV) that i'll put on the list.
i didn't list the native cray compilers, but if anyone
is using those let me know.

i did get a couple questions that i'd like to clarify.

1) we don't have access to every possible permutation
of things on this list, so our problem solving/support
abilities will vary.  but we do want to know what systems
are no longer being used so we can avoid spending time
on obsolete things, and also make sure we aren't missing
some new type of systems that our users will want to
run DART on.

2) for 'batch system' i mostly meant 'job submission' method.
basically what do you use to get a job into your run queue,
and what commands need to be in the script to control wallclock
time, number of nodes, layout on those nodes, etc.   i've added
back LoadLeveler (llsubmit).  at some point we had users running
with the SGE (sun grid engine) but i'm unclear if we still do.
in any case, SGE looks like the submission syntax is the same
as PBS/Torque-Moab so it should be ok.

3) when i listed (no xxx) at the end of each section, i meant that
at some point in the past there were people using these hardware
systems/compilers/job submission bits.  if no one speaks up for
them here, we will drop them from our list of things we're trying
to support.


On 12/4/12 10:22 AM, Nancy Collins wrote:
> hi all,
> could you take a minute to see if your current and/or planned
> hardware for running DART is on the following list?  same with
> the compiler and batch system lists?
> if something you are using or intending to use in the near
> future is not on this list, could you send a quick email to me?
> (nancy at ucar.edu)
> thanks -
> n.
> Hardware:
> IBM PowerX systems (e.g. bluefire-type)
> IBM Intel-based large clusters (e.g. Yellowstone)
> Cray XT5/XE6/XK6/XK7-type systems
> SGI Altix clusters
> Linux Intel-based clusters
> Mac desktops and laptops
> (no MIPS based systems, no NEC, no older Crays)
> Compilers:
> Intel (ifort)
> PGI (pgf90)
> GNU fortran (gfortran)
> IBM (xlf)
> Pathscale (pathf90)
> non-GNU fortran (g95)
> (no Absoft, no Lahey)
> Batch systems:
>  LSF (bsub, bjobs, etc)
>  PBS or Torque/Moab (qsub, qstat, etc)
> (no SGE, no LoadLeveler)

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