[Dart-users] hardware/software support plans for DART

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Tue Dec 4 10:22:23 MST 2012

hi all,

could you take a minute to see if your current and/or planned
hardware for running DART is on the following list?  same with
the compiler and batch system lists?

if something you are using or intending to use in the near
future is not on this list, could you send a quick email to me?
(nancy at ucar.edu)

thanks -


IBM PowerX systems (e.g. bluefire-type)
IBM Intel-based large clusters (e.g. Yellowstone)

Cray XT5/XE6/XK6/XK7-type systems
SGI Altix clusters

Linux Intel-based clusters
Mac desktops and laptops

(no MIPS based systems, no NEC, no older Crays)


Intel (ifort)
PGI (pgf90)
GNU fortran (gfortran)
IBM (xlf)
Pathscale (pathf90)
non-GNU fortran (g95)

(no Absoft, no Lahey)

Batch systems:
  LSF (bsub, bjobs, etc)
  PBS or Torque/Moab (qsub, qstat, etc)

(no SGE, no LoadLeveler)

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