[Dart-users] updates to all model directories

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Mon Dec 15 15:43:15 MST 2008

hi all -

as promised/threatened last week, i've gone through almost all the
$DART/models directories and renamed the merge_obs_seq program
to obs_sequence_tool, and i've either renamed restart_file_utility to
restart_file_tool, or i've added it for the first time.   i've updated the
corresponding input.nml namelists to match.   next time you update
from subversion (on the trunk, nothing was done to the Jamaica branch),
you should get all the new mkmf and path_names files, plus the new source
code up in the top level directories.

the only models i have *not* updated yet are:
 MITgcm_annulus, coamps, rose

thanks -

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