[Dart-users] DART repository updates

Nancy Collins nancy at ucar.edu
Wed Dec 10 16:33:46 MST 2008

dear dart-users,

i've made some recent changes to the DART subversion
repository, on the main branch.  the highlights are:

- added a new top level 'observations' directory

it currently has GPS, radar, and MADIS data converters
in it, with many more to come.  if you've already donated
observation data programs to me, thank you, and i promise
to get them into the repository soon.  if you have any
observation conversion programs that seem like they'd
be of general interest, email me? (nancy at ucar.edu) thanks.

as i add additional converters, i'll send a short note out to
this list.  all converters have .html files for documentation,
or email me for specific questions.

- replacement for merge_obs_sequence

i've added an 'obs_sequence_tool' program to the repository.
it has many more functions than just merging obs sequence
files, thus the name change.  it can select (or exclude) a list
of observation types; it can select only those observations in
a particular lat/lon bounding box; it can select by time; it can
select by qc or data value.  see the html or nml files for more info.

right now, only the wrf model directory builds the tool.  i'm
slowly working my way through the other models, removing
the mkmf and path_names files for the old merge program,
adding the same files for the new tool program, updating the
input.nml namelist, and testing.  if you don't see the tool yet
in your favorite model directory, email me and i'll adjust
the order i work on the models accordingly.

as part of keeping the names sane, i'm also renaming the
'restart_file_utility' program to 'restart_file_tool'.  all functionality
stays the same as before, just a rename.  this program lets you
move DART restart files between ascii and binary, lets you combine
ensemble members into 1 file or splits one into multiple files, and
lets you overwrite the internal timestamps with a replacement date.

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thanks -

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