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worked on new features section.

Modified: DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html
--- DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-15 20:57:17 UTC (rev 11337)
+++ DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/html/Manhattan_release.html	2017-03-15 20:59:40 UTC (rev 11338)
@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@
       <li> <em class=file>postassim_postinf_{mean,sd}.nc</em> (if posterior inflation is turned on)</li>
 There is also a text file, <em class=file>obs_seq.final</em>, with the model estimates of the 
-observations.  There is a suite of Matlab&reg; functions that facilitate exploration of the
+observations.  There is a suite of MATLAB&reg; functions that facilitate exploration of the
 results, but the netCDF files are inherently portable and contain all the
 necessary metadata to interpret the contents with other analysis programs
 such as NCL, R, etc.
@@ -397,104 +397,81 @@
 <h2>New Features</h2>
-<li>State Structure
-    <ul><li> Contains information about dimensions and size of variables in your
-             state.  There is a number of accessor functions to get variable information
-             such as <code>get_variable_size()</code>.
-        <a href="https://svn-dares-dart.cgd.ucar.edu/DART/branches/rma_trunk/documentation/state_strucutre.html">
-        Website</a> or <a href="../../assimilation_code/programs/state_strucutre.hmtl">local file</a>
-        for more details.</li></ul>
+<li>DART now reads and writes NetCDF files for the model state information.
+If your model uses NetCDF file format, you no longer need model_to_dart or
+dart_to_model to translate to a DART format file.  If your model does not
+use NetCDF, you can adapt your model_to_dart and dart_to_model executables
+to read and write a NetCDF file for DART to use.<br>
+The read/write code is part of the core DART routines, so no code is needed
+in the model_mod model-specific module.  There is a new routine "add_domain()"
+that a model_mod::static_init_model() can call to define which NetCDF variables
+should be part of the model state, and what DART quantity (formerly kind) they
+correspond to.
 <br /> 
-<li> add_domain:w
-    <ul><li>There is a new utility that will write inflation restart files based on 
-        values read from the console.  This enables multi-step runs to start with the
-        'read inflation values from a file' option set to .true. for all steps instead of
-        having to change the namelist after the first cycle.
-        See the documentation
-        <a href="https://svn-dares-dart.cgd.ucar.edu/DART/branches/rma_trunk/assimilation_code/programs/fill_inflation_restart/fill_inflation_restart.html">Website</a> 
-        or <a href="../../assimilation_code/programs/fill_inflation_restart/fill_inflation_restart.html">local file</a>
-        for more details.</li></ul>
+<li>DART no longer limits the size of a model state to the size of a single
+MPI task's memory.  The state is read in variable by variable and distributed
+across all MPI tasks, so the memory use is much smaller than previous versions
+of DART.  One-sided MPI communication is used during the computation of
+forward operator values to get required parts of the state from other tasks.
 <br /> 
-<li>The POP model_mod now can interpolate Sea Surface Anomalies
+<li>Many of the DART namelists have been simplified, and some items have
+moved to a more specific namelist.
+<br /> 
-<li>New location module options
-    <ul><li>There are additional options for the model and observation coordinate systems.
-        Note that only a single location option can be chosen and all observations and all
-        model locations must use that coordinate system. New options include:
-        <ul><li>Channel coordinate system</li>
-        <li>[0-1] periodic 3D coordinate system</li>
-        <li>X,Y,Z 3D Cartesian coordinate system</li>
-        <li>2D annulus coordinate system</li>
-        </ul>
-        See the documentation
-        <a href="https://svn-dares-dart.cgd.ucar.edu/DART/branches/rma_trunk/assimilation_code/location/location_mod.html">Website</a> 
-        or <a href="../../assimilation_code/location/location_mod.html">local file</a>
-        for more details.</li></ul>
+<li>Observation sequence files can include externally computed forward operator
+values which can be used in the assimilation instead of calling a forward
+operator inside DART.
 <br /> 
-<li>Missing values in state
-    <ul><li>In some models there are values which are not valid in all ensemble members.
-        With this release there is limited support for this in DART.  There are still
-        serious questions about what the correct results should be if the ensemble
-        count for some state vector item is smaller than the total ensemble size.
-        Nevertheless, with this release we have implemented support for missing
-        state vector values in the CLM Land model.
-        There is a new namelist item <em class=code>allow_missing_in_clm</em>
-        in the &amp;assim_tools_nml namelist.  Setting this to .true. will allow DART to
-        avoid updating any state vector items in which one or more of the ensemble members
-        in CLM have a missing value.  Inflation will be disabled for any state vector
-        items where one or more ensemble members have missing values. All CLM
-        forward operators must test for and be prepared to return with a failed forward
-        operator code if any of the interpolation items it requires are missing.
-        See the documentation
-        <a href="https://svn-dares-dart.cgd.ucar.edu/DART/branches/rma_trunk/assimilation_code/modules/assimilation/assim_tools_mod.html#Namelist">Website</a> 
-        or <a href="../../assimilation_code/modules/assimilation/assim_tools_mod.html#Namelist">local file</a>
-        for more details.</li></ul>
+<li>The DART directory structure has been reorganized to make it easier to
+identify the various software tools, modules, documentation and tutorials 
+supplied with the system.

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