[Dart-dev] Need some help identifying DART collaborators

Tim Hoar thoar at ucar.edu
Mon Jan 10 17:27:10 MST 2011

The DART community is getting pretty broad, and I cannot keep up
on who's collaborating with who. In that spirit, I also have to come
up with a list of people who have used DART, downloaded DART, or are
collaborating on a project that uses DART. 

The following people are identified as DART Collaborators on the DARTdev
wiki ( https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/DARTdev/WhoWhatWhere ) :

Mausumi Dikpati
Ruby Leung

but I am missing the projects or the context of their collaborations.
If anyone can shed some light - I'd appreciate it.

Thanks -- Tim

P.S If you can update the DART collaborators WIKI, that would be 
most excellent.

Tim Hoar, Associate Scientist
National Center for Atmospheric Research
thoar at ucar.edu
303 497 1708

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