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### Spring Meeting Reminder
### Comments on Educator Effectiveness
### Denver SAS User Group Meeting April 13th.
### @uchsc -> @ucdenver

### Colorado Wyoming Chapter Spring Meeting Friday April 15th.

Just a reminder that our spring meeting will be held on Friday April 15th at
the National Center for Atmospheric Research Mesa Lab in Boulder
Colorado.    Coffee will be served at 9 am and the meeting will run from
9:30 until 3:30ish.

+ Some presentation titles include

* Geostatistical model averaging for locally calibrated
probabilistic quantitative precipitation forecasting
* Investigating spatial correlation estimation when nonparametrically
smoothing the mean trend
* Forecasting Wind Power for a Short Horizon
* Risk Set Sampling for Case Crossover Designs
* Validation and Use of an Attitude Survey: Measuring the Impact of a High
School Intervention on Students’ Attitudes in IT
* Analysis of gene duplication data

+ There will be an optional architectural tour of the Mesa Lab during lunch.

+ Information about local statistics related users groups

+ Pecha Kucha format presentations

An agenda will be sent out next week with directions and other logistical

### Comments on Educator Effectiveness

The following note was sent by chapter member Sandra McKenzie

I think it is imperative that ASA members give feedback to the State Council
on Educator Effectiveness (scee at cde.state.co.us) regarding proposed teacher
evaluation plans. I believe in management by objectives, but using
value-added models is ripe with difficulties. The following article in
CHANCE lays it out pretty clearly:

The SCEE is collecting community comments through March, and will give a
recommendation to the Colorado Board of Education in April. I urge you to
send out an e-mail to the Colorado-Wyoming chapter, so that ASA members can
react as they see fit.

Please contact me if you need and more details.


Sandra McKenzie
ASA/NCTM Committee on Statistical Education
smckenzie2 at cherrycreekschools.org

### Denver SAS User Group Meeting April 13th.

Greetings fellow SAS Users!

I’d like to send a reminder for our next DSUG meeting scheduled for April 13
th, from 4:30-6:00pm, held at Heitler Hall over at National Jewish. There is
more specific information about the location as well as a building map on
the DSUG webpage (www.denversug.org).  I once again would like to thank the
wonderful folks in the Biostatistics department over at National Jewish for
making the arrangements and allowing us access to Heitler Hall.

We have two speakers lined up for this meeting.  Bob Romero will be giving a
follow-up to a presentation he gave last year about using code to write
code, and Dara Hammond will be providing us with an introduction to JMP, and
perhaps a little about how it can be used in conjunction with SAS.  See
below for more details regarding these presentations.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I look forward to seeing you
at our next meeting.



William Coar, PhD

Project Director/Biostatistician
williamc at axioresearch.com

### @uchsc -> @ucdenver

It was brought to my attention that the health sciences changed their domain
name.  We get our email addresses off of the national list.  I have changed
the addresses on the local list, but some are still incorrect on the
national list.

Matthew Pocernich
Neptune and Company, Inc.
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