[CoWy ASA] ASA Co/Wy Spring Meeting- April 15th - NCAR

Matt Pocernich mpocernich at neptuneinc.org
Wed Feb 9 00:05:03 MST 2011

## Spring Meeting April 15th, NCAR -Boulder Colorado.

Hold the date!  The spring chapter will be held April 15 at the  National
Center for Atmospheric Research's Mesa Lab in Boulder CO.   We are in the
process of  completing the agenda for the meeting. If you would be
interested in presenting material  At this meeting please contact me at this
e-mail address.   This meeting is  an excellent opportunity to present
materials from your work or research to local colleagues.  More information
will follow shortly.

## Judges Needed for the  David Young Award for Statistical Content in a
Science Project.

Once again this year the chapter will be sponsoring an award for the science
projects with the best statistical best use and presentation of statistics.
This is an award we give to two projects at the Colorado State engineering
and science fair which is held in Fort Collins each spring. This year  the
judging will be held on Friday, April 8 from ~ 11 AM till 3 PM. This is an
enjoyable opportunity to the talk with students  and  science and
statistics.  Occasionally it's also just plain hysterical –particularly to
hear the younger students explain their experiments.   If you're interested
in judging at this event please contact me.

Matthew Pocernich
Neptune and Company, Inc.
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