[CoWy ASA] FW: seeking services of a statistician

Matt Ostberg Matt.Ostberg at du.edu
Tue Nov 2 12:25:00 MDT 2010

If you are interested in assisting Mr. Notgarnie,

Please email him directly.


-          Matt Ostberg


From: Howard Notgarnie [mailto:hk4always at email.phoenix.edu] 
Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2010 3:05 PM
To: Matt.Ostberg at du.edu; webm at stat.colostate.edu
Subject: seeking services of a statistician


Hello Mr. Ostberg

I am a student preparing my doctoral dissertation, and I will shortly be
seeking assistance from a statistician.  I live in Aurora, CO.  Does your
chapter of the American Statistical Association provide referrals for
specific needs in assistance of calculations?

Howard M Notgarnie, RDH, MA

Howard M Notgarnie, RDH, MA

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