[Cowystats] Co/Wy ASA Notes - July 22, 2008

Matt Pocernich mjpdenver at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 22:22:20 MDT 2008

### Funny Graphs
### Teachers Workshop Lunch
### Colorado School of Public Health Booth at JSM

### graph jam

Edward Tufte meets Matt Goering  - A new twist to communicating with
graphs.   You might check out some of these graphs.  These are mainly
funny.  Some are dumb.  www.graphjam.com

### Free Lunch with teachers at the JSM.

Thanks for to those who volunteered to meet with the teacher for
lunch.  We could still use maybe one more person on for each day.
Chapter members are invited to join the teachers attending the Meeting
Within a Meeting workshop for lunch on Monday and Tuesday during the
JSM.  This will give teachers a chance to interact with statisticians
and learn more about the profession and provide a better context for
teaching statistics.   I would also like to invite some student
members to attend a lunch.  Being closer to high school age might
provide a different perspective.

The workshop and lunches will be held at Metro State College just
south of the convention center across Speer Boulevard on the Auraria
campus.  Lunch will be held from 12:15 to 1:30.  There will be
different groups of teachers on each day.  By volunteering to meet
with the teachers, you are not volunteering for anything further, but
we will check back with you to get your impressions of how our chapter
might help.

If you interested in attending the lunch, please send a note to me at
mjpdenver at gmail.com before July 22nd indicating which day you prefer
to attend.

### Volunteer for Colorado School of Public Health Booth

In order to help publicize the new Colorado School of Public Health,
the University Health Sciences Center will have a booth at the JSM.
They have generously offered the Chapter some space to help publicize
the chapter and our activities.  Our goal here is to provide
information to visitors - presumably local - about how they might join
our chapter.  Furthermore, as hosts to this years meeting we can
answer general questions about the area and just maybe put a personal
face on what otherwise could be viewed as a large in generic, sterile
convention center. :>

Time slots are broken into one hour blocks starting at 9 am until
6pm.  If you are interested, please send a note to Katerina Kechris at
katerina.kechris at uchsc.edu  with one or two times that might work for
you.  Responsibilities are minimal for this - just a desire to talk to
strangers for an hour or so.



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