[Cowystats] CoWy ASA Notes - July 14, 2008

Matt Pocernich mjpdenver at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 21:02:45 MDT 2008

### Chapter Survey

Thank to those who have completed the chapter survey.  The complete
results will be posted shortly.  Some general observations about the
survey from the 43 of you who responded:

Members have expressed a preference for workshops focused on a single
topic over social events.  Half day meetings are favored over full day
meetings.  The preferred frequency of meetings is quarterly.  Of the
suggested topics for a workshop, applied Bayesian statistics and R
programming were the most favored.  A large number of diverse other
topics were also suggested ranging from genetics to data mining with
gigantic data sets to longitudinal statistics.  Weekday afternoons and
evenings seem to be the preferred time to meet.  Several of you
volunteered to give talks.  We will be following up with you to see
what topics could be presented. More than half of you support
education outreach activities (see the next item.)

Thank you again for your responses.   The officers will meet soon and
begin to plan this fall's activities.  When we last met, we discussed
how best to get more members involved.

### A free lunch at the JSM - Meeting within the Meeting (Teachers Workshop)

Chapter members are invited to join the teachers attending the Meeting
Within a Meeting workshop for lunch on Monday and Tuesday during the
JSM.  This will give teachers a chance to interact with statisticians
and learn more about the profession and provide a better context for
teaching statistics.   This will also give us a chance to make find
out how we might help them in their classes.

The workshop and lunches will be held at Metro State College just
south of the convention center across Speer Boulevard on the Auraria
campus.  Lunch will be held from 12:15 to 1:30.  There will be
different groups of teachers on each day.

If you interested in attending the lunch, please send a note to me at
mjpdenver at gmail.com before July 22nd indicating which day you prefer
to attend.

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