[Cowystats] Reminder - CO/WY ASA Stats Items - David Plati - The Wilderness Pub _ Thurs Feb 21st.

Matt Pocernich mjpdenver at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 11:00:10 MST 2008

Just a reminder, that we are on for our discussion of sports and
statistics at the Boulder Brewery (aka the Wilderness Pub) tomorrow
evening.  We will be in the room immediately to your right as you

For those of you who are receiving this note for the first time, my
apologies.  I just queried the ASA database and merged these email
addresses with our mailing list and about 22 names were added.



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Thurs Feb 21st.
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### February 21 - David Plati - Sports Statistics - Wilderness Pub.
### Meeting within a Meeting Notice
### March 20 - David Banks Video Conference
### April 10th, Colorado Science and Engineering Fair - Judging
### April 18th Chapter Spring Meeting - Boulder

We have a couple of fun events coming in the the next two months.  The
first will
be this Thursday in Boulder.  Details are below.

 #### David Plati - Sports Statistics - Wilderness Pub.

 This Thursday, February 21 from 6 - 8 at the Wilderness Pub (aka the
 Rockies Brewery), David Plati will be talking about sports statistics. Part
 of David's experience comes from working on the Broncos' statistical
crew. Think
 it is difficult to find new ways to summarize and elicit information from
 data in your field? Consider the challenge when there are millions of others
 essentially looking at the same information. This will be an informal event
 - similar to Paul Parker's talk about baseball and statistics 2 years ago.
 More details will follow. For more information about David Plati -
 see http://www.cubuffs.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=4271&SPID=274&DB_OEM_ID=600&ATCLID=33666

 If you think you will be attending,  please send a note to
mjpdenver at gmail.com, so we reserve enough space.

 For directions to the Rockies Brewery see www.boulderbeer.com.

 ### Meeting Within a Meeting.

 The following is a note from the organizer of the Meeting within a
 Meeting, teachers  training sessions which will be held as part of
the Joint Statistical
 Meeting this year.

 Please forward this information to any K-12 teachers you know who
 might be interested.

 *** From Rebecca Nicols

> Dear ASA Chapter Presidents,
> I am sending information about the American Statistical Association's
> Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) workshop for K-12 mathematics and science
> teachers that will be held on Monday, August 4 and Tuesday, August 5 in
> conjunction with the 2008 Joint Statistical Meetings in Denver,
> Colorado. The primary goal of the MWM program in 2008 is to provide an
> opportunity for K-12 teachers who teach math and science to discuss and
> apply the data analysis and statistical concepts embodied in the
> Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education
> (GAISE) Pre-K-12 Curriculum Framework (www.amstat.org/education/gaise
> <http://www.amstat.org/education/gaise> ). Teachers will explore
> problems that require them to collect, organize, analyze, and draw
> conclusions from data and apply basic concepts of probability.
> We are hoping your chapter might be interested in sharing information
> about this workshop with K-12 teachers in you area and even consider
> funding the travel costs of one or more math and science teachers from
> your area to attend this free workshop. ASA will provide the
> registration fee, handouts, and some meals to accepted applicants.
> Workshop attendees may also receive a set reimbursement for lodging
> expenses for a two-night stay (one-night for Denver area teachers).
> Teachers will also have the option of attending sessions at JSM, such as
> the Statistical Education Sessions and Poster Session, and will be
> admitted to the Exhibit Hall.
> We are encouraging teachers to attend both Monday and Tuesday sessions.
> Grade K-4 and 9-12 teachers will attend their respective sessions on
> Monday and have the option of attending the middle school session (to
> see what material is taught after or before) or the Joint Statistical
> Meetings sessions on Tuesday. Grade 5-8 teachers will attend the middle
> school session on Tuesday with the option of attending the elementary or
> high school sessions (to see what material is taught before or after) or
> the Joint Statistical Meetings sessions on Monday. There will be a
> dinner and career panel discussion Monday evening for all participating
> teachers.
> More information and online application materials are available at
> www.amstat.org/education/mwm. Review of MWM applications will begin
> March 1, 2008 and continue until the workshop is filled.

 #### David Banks - Duke University via video conference
 Thursday March 20th - noon - University of Colorado - Denver

 This will be our chapter's first speaker via video conference. David
 is a co-editor of the recently published
 Statistical Methods for Human Rights (Paperback) by Jana Asher
 (Editor), David Banks (Editor), Fritz J. Scheuren (Editor). At the
 last JSM, this was one of the late breaking topics sessions. The talk
 will be held in one of Auraria Campus's multimedia rooms. Chapter members are
 encouraged to join us for lunch and the talk. Details and directions
 will be provided in the future.

 Statisticians have been involved in different areas of human rights
 research, from the trial of Slobodan Milosovic to designing surveys of
 displaced populations to analysis of political science data. This
 talk describes some of these applications and issues that arose in
 performing them.

 ## April 10th, Colorado Science and Engineering Fair - Judging

 If you are interested in helping to judge the Colorado State Science
 and Engineering Fair, please let me  know. Basically, this involves a day
 commitment up in Fort Collins.  Some of the more interesting topic
from last year
 were "Does Mozart help students perform better on spelling tests"
(with some issues about
testing human subjects.)" and  " Factors affecting free throw shooting".

 We will be giving a Special Awards  prize for projects with
exceptional statistical merit.
Last years prizes were engraved shuffle Ipods.  Any suggestions for
prized for this year?

 ### April 18th Chapter Spring Meeting - Boulder

 We are beginning to plan for this year's spring meeting April 18th at
 the National Center for Atmospheric  Research.  We are beginning to
organize the
speaker.  Particularly if you are a student, if you are interesting in
giving a short presentation
on your research or interests, please let us know.  This is a great
opportunity to share
your work with peers in a friendly, supportive environment.



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