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### Meeting within a Meeting Notice
### February 21 - David Plati - CU Sports Information
### March 20 - David Banks Video Conference
### April 10th, Colorado Science and Engineering Fair - Judging
### April  18th Chapter Spring Meeting - Boulder

This note contains some information on a lot of different topics.  The
most important topic is information on the opportunity of the Meeting
with the Meeting.  For some of the later events, more information and
reminders will be forthcoming.

### Meeting Within a Meeting.

The Meeting Within a Meeting (MWM) Workshop for K–12 Teachers Will Be
Held in Conjunction with the 2008 Joint  Statistical Meetings (JSM)
this Summer.  A flier describing this event has been attached.
Basically, this is an opportunity for teachers within our area to
participate in the JSM.  Teachers are given a series a presentations
by ASA members, educators as well as state and local education
administrators in topics related to teaching statistics to kids K -
12.  Last year I attended parts of this session, and I can't stress
strongly enough how well run this event was.   Additionally, attendees
are given a day pass to see  sessions at the JSM.

The organization for this event is provided by our national
organization. As a local chapter, we need to do three things.

1.  Get teachers to register and attend.  There is no cost for the
teachers for this event.  Please get the flier to your children's
teachers, your friends and/or your local school.
2.  During the JSM, chapter members are invited to join the teacher
for lunch.  This provide the opportunity to create contacts between
teachers and ASA members.  After the meeting, teachers will be
encouraged to use local members as a resource.  This is something that
we as a chapter have tried with limited success, so hopefully this
will gain more traction.
3.  Stay involved with the teachers.  It is intended that after the
JSM, teacher and educators will build on this relationship.  In coming
weeks, I will get a report from the Utah chapter on how things look a
year after the first MWM.

More information about this event will be provided in the futures.

#### David Plati - CU Sports information.

On Thursday, February 21 from 6 - 8 at the Wilderness Pub (aka the
Rockies Brewery), David Plati will be talking about sports statistics,
particularly his experiences on the Bronco's statistical crew.  This
will be an informal event - similar to Paul Parker's talk about
baseball and statistics 2 years ago.  More details will follow.  For
more information about David Plati - please see

####  David Banks - Duke University via video conference
Thursday March 20th - noon - University of Colorado - Denver

This will be our chapter's first speaker via video conference.  David
is a co-editor of the recently published
Statistical Methods for Human Rights (Paperback) by Jana Asher
(Editor), David Banks (Editor), Fritz J. Scheuren (Editor).  At the
last JSM, this was one of the late breaking topics session.  The talk
will be held in one of Auraria Campus's multimedia rooms.  People are
encourages to join us for lunch and and talk.  Details and directions
will be provided in the future.

Talk Abstract.
Statisticians have been involved in different areas of human rights
research, from the trial of Slobodan Milosovic to designing surveys of
displaced populations to analysis of political science data.  This
talk describes some of these applications and issues that arose in
performing them.
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