[Cowystats] JSM Meeting Local Assistance Committee

Matt Pocernich mjpdenver at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 20:58:45 MDT 2007


Since the JSM will be in Denver next summer, there are several
activities that require some local chapter assistance.  The national
chapter has requested a Local Assistance Committee  be formed.  The
tasks that need to be completed are listed below.  This is a neat
opportunity to affect how Denver is presented to visitors next summer.
 If you wish to volunteer, please let know and we can begin go
coordinate the activities.  Many of the early activities involve
writing a couple of articles for AMSTAT news.  We could set up a
survey form to solicit recommendations for interesting places in
Denver.  A skilled writer would be useful in combining this
information into something that is interesting to read.




PUBLICITY (Articles for Amstat News)
Please send each article in a Word document file by email to
meetings at amstat.org by deadline date

listed below. The article can be from 500 -1500 words in length.
• January issue: General article on city's history. Deadline: December 1
• February issue: Local city information and activities. Deadline: January 1
• March issue: Day trips within a few hours of City. Deadline: February 1
• April issue: JSM Tours summary. Deadline: March 1
• June issue: Museums, Galleries, and Tours. Deadline: May 1
• July issue: Last minute information, local events in August. Deadline: June 1

BROCHURES: Restaurant/Attractions/City Map Guide
The ASA Communications department will create a city map with
restaurants and attractions listed on them. We need a few members on
the local area committee to verify all the information on the map for
accuracy (addresses, phone numbers, are they still in business, etc.).
The Map usually includes a listing of breakfast and lunch places in
the area of the hotels/convention center, and dinner in a wider area.
Also a listing of local or surrounding area attractions that are a
must see for attendees while visiting the hosting city of JSM. This
brochure will be 17 inches by 22 inches folded piece to be pocket size
where the city map will be located on the inside and have the hotels,
restaurants and attractions noted on the map. The ASA Communications
Department will do formatting, printing, etc. and will being working
on this project as early as December through May. The map will go to
the printer for production by no later than mid-June.

Work with ASA's Public Relations Office to alert news media to the
forthcoming meeting and interesting, topical papers. Contact Rosanne
Desmone, Public Relations Specialist via email at Rosanne at amstat.org
or call (703) 684-1221.

All volunteers (students and adults) who have contributed to the above
items are encouraged and invited to attend an evening reception on
Wednesday evening 6:00pm-7:30pm during the JSM in ASA's Executive
Director's suite located at the headquarter hotel to thank them for
their hard work and volunteer efforts. An invitation will be sent by
July 5th requesting a RSVP or Regret to attend/not attend the

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