[Cowystats] CO/ WY ASA Fall Meeting Oct 26th plus more

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Here are some notes regarding local activities organized by the
Colorado/ Wyoming Chapter of the American Statistical Association.

### JSM 2008 Denver

This year will be a rather exciting year.  Next summer, the Joint
Statistical Meeting (JSM) will be held here in Denver from August 2 to
August 7th.  This should greatly increase the opportunities for member
to attend neat meeting.  You will be hearing much more about this in
the months to come.   The local chapter has several obligations for
this meeting.  We are organizing an invited session on statistical
topic relevant to people in Colorado.  In coming months, we need to
help write the articles which will appear in Amstat News describing
Denver.  At the JSM, there will be a Meeting within a Meeting focusing
on statistics in education.   This event brings together teachers,
speakers from the statistics community and people in local departments
of education to learn how statistics can be better incorporated into
elementary and high school curriculum.  Much of this is organized and
funded by the national organization.  However, our help will be needed
to advertise this opportunity amongst teachers and recommend possible
speakers.  Last year the first such meeting was held in Salt Lake
City.  The one-day event was a great success.  This year it is hoped
to expand it to two days.  You will be hearing much more about this

### Local Meetings

With regards to local meetings, this year we will hold a fall meeting
at the new Anschutz Health Science Center (formerly Fitzsimmons), a
winter meeting in Fort Collins and  the spring meeting in  Boulder at
the  National Center for Atmospheric Research.  Since  the New
Orleans Jazzfest begins April 25th next year, to avoid any conflicts,
the spring  meeting will likely be  Friday April  18th, 2008.  Some
details about the Fall meeting are below.

### Fall meeting - Friday, October 26th 1pm - 4 pm.

On Friday October 26th, we will be having a meeting at the new
Anschutz Medical Campus (formerly Fitzsimmons) .  In recent years,
many departments have been moved from locations around 9th Street and
Colorado to this new campus.   More information about the new campus
can be found at http://www.uchsc.edu/anschutzmedicalcampus/

Our main speakers will be Dr. Denny Lezotte from the University of
Colorado Health Sciences Department of Preventative Medicine and Dr.
Larry Hunter from the UCHSC Center for Computational Pharmacology.
More details on their talks and other speakers will be forthcoming.


Chapter Officers are

Matt Pocernich - National Center for Atmospheric Research
Matthew Strand - National Jewish Hospital
Nels Grevstad - Metropolitan State College Denver
Ryan Elmore - Colorado State University



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