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Matt Pocernich pocernic at rap.ucar.edu
Tue Apr 24 13:30:40 MDT 2007

#### Spring Meeting Wrap-up
#### Rick Katz at Colorado School of Mines Friday April 27th

Spring meetin
Thanks to all the participants in last week's spring chapter meeting.  


Matt Strand (National Jewish Hospital) and Ryan Elmore (CSU) have been
elected to replace Deb Hall and Shahar Boneh as chapter officers.  I
would like to thank the new officers for volunteering to serve.  I
would also like to thank Deb and Shahar for their help.  Deb has been
an chapter  for at least 6 years and always been very supportive.
Shahar's recruitment efforts helped the Chapter win the national new
member recruitment competition.

We would like to acknowledge the Maurice Davies Award winners

Greg Shick - University of Denver
Ashlyn Hutchinson Colorado School of Mines
Jeri Forster CU- Health Sciences Center
Mellisa Pintye CU - Denver
Bailey Draper Colorado State University

And from Health Sciences

Strother Walker Award for outstanding PhD student(s) at HSC:
  Patrick (Jud) Blatchford, and Brandie Wagner

Marvin Porter Award for outstanding MS student 
  Mara Kelly, and Colin O'Donnell

### Rick Katz Seminar at School of Mines Friday April 27th
"Assessing the quality and economic value of weather and climate forecasts"
3:00 pm in Chauvenet Hall 143,
For further information see


Much of the research on evaluating the quality and economic value of
imperfect information, such as forecasts, has been either performed
within the meteorological community or at least motivated by
meteorological applications. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect is the
ability to produce well-calibrated probabilistic weather forecasts,
through a variety of objective and subjective approaches. I will point
out some connections to statistics, including the concept of
sufficiency. I will also present some valuation puzzles, illustrating
why it is so difficult to draw any general conclusions about the
economic value of weather and climate forecasts.


Richard W. Katz is a Senior Scientist in the Institute for Study of
Society and Environmental, National Center for Atmospheric Research,
Boulder. He received a Ph.D. in statistics from Pennsylvania State
University in 1974. He was one of the founders of NCAR's Geophysical
Statistics Project. His current interests include the application of the
statistical theory of extreme values to climate change.

Matt Pocernich
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Research Applications Laboratory
(303) 497-8312

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