[CESElist] Climate Change Campaign Project Coordinator position announcement

Ed Geary egeary at globe.gov
Thu Sep 18 09:07:02 MDT 2008

The GLOBE Program at UCAR is seeking a full time Project Coordinator to 
help lead the planing (now-2010) and implementation of a worldwide 
student research campaign on Climate Change that will launch in 2011 and 
wrap up in 2013.

I have pasted the Job Information at the end of this email, but the 
following URL will take interested persons directly to the UCAR Job 
Description and online application process


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any appropriate listservs that you are on related to climate 


Ed Geary
Director, The GLOBE Program


*Project Coordinator (Program Specialist III): Climate Change Coordinator*
Tracking Code
Job Description

*PLEASE NOTE*: This is a new, full-time position. Initial consideration 
will be given to applications received prior to Friday, October 3, 2008. 
Thereafter, applications will be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

UOP - The Global Learning & Observation to Benefit the Environment 
(GLOBE) Program

Paid relocation

*BASIC JOB FUNCTION*: The Project Coordinator for the Climate Change 
Campaign will have primary responsibility for planning, development, and 
implementation of GLOBE's worldwide student research campaign on Climate 
Change that will launch in 2011 and end in 2013. The goals of the 
campaign are to (a) engage > 1 million students (K-16) and teachers in 
climate research, (b) enhance climate and environmental literacy for 
students, teachers, parents and citizens and (c) encourage action 
stewardship on climate-related environmental issues at local and 
regional levels. The successful candidate will have a strong background 
in science and education including a proven ability to work with 
scientific, educational, and business partners (U.S. and international), 
and demonstrated success in grant writing and project implementation.

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION*: GLOBE is an international, inquiry-based 
education and science program that unites students, teachers, and 
scientists in study and research about Earth's environment. The goals of 
the GLOBE Program are to: a) improve student achievement in science; b) 
increase scientific understanding of the Earth as a system; c) enhance 
environmental awareness of individuals worldwide, and d) inspire the 
next generation of global scientists. The GLOBE Program Office (GPO) at 
UCAR is responsible for facilitating GLOBE's operations worldwide, 
including coordination with GLOBE Earth System Science Projects (ESSP).


_Project Coordination, Management, and Assessment_: Leads the planning, 
development, and implementation of GLOBE's worldwide student research 
campaign on climate change. The project coordinator will work closely 
with GLOBE teachers and Partners, NASA and other climate scientists, 
sponsors, and GPO Director and staff to plan the campaign and support 
its implementation and assessment in GLOBE regions around the world. 
Specific duties include: (a) planning and facilitating campaign 
activities including workshops and meetings, climate campaign events, 
and engagement of scientists in campaign activities, (b) defining the 
ultimate scope of the campaign based on resource availability, staffing, 
community and sponsor interests and other factors, (c) identifying, 
adapting and integrating high quality climate science and education 
resources (e.g. learning activities, NASA, NOAA, and GEOSS data sets, 
professional development modules and courses, student assessments, etc.) 
into the GLOBE Research Collaboratory, (d) managing the climate campaign 
budget, (e) writing reports and making presentations about the climate 
campaign, and (f) developing (with the GPO evaluator) metrics and 
strategies for collecting evaluation data on key climate change campaign 
activities and resources to assess the impact of the campaign on 
students, teachers, Partners, scientists, and communities.

_Collaboration Building_: Builds, strengthens, and manages strategic 
collaborations with other organizations doing climate change research 
and/or education including: (a) US government agencies (e.g. NASA, NSF, 
NOAA, Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Education, etc.), (b) International and 
US scientific and education organizations (e.g. IPCC, WMO, GEO, UNESCO, 
AGU, AMS, NSTA, NGS, COSEEs), and (c) businesses, foundations, and other 
NGO's. The project coordinator will work with GPO staff, with NASA, and 
with GLOBE's NSF-funded Earth System Science Project partners to insure 
the effective integration of their products, services, data, and tools 
into the GLOBE Research Collaboratory in support of the Climate campaign.

_Grant Writing_: The Project Coordinator will have primary 
responsibility for generating external funding to support the campaign 
through external grant proposals and sponsorships. The project 
coordinator will work closely with the GPO director and other GPO staff 
to set and reach funding targets and insure that all grant proposals and 
sponsorship activities are prioritized and aligned with other GPO 
development activities.

_Other Duties_ may be assigned by the GPO director as needed.


Education and Experience

    * Master's degree in science (atmospheric, oceanographic, Earth
      system, environmental. ecosystem) with at least 7 years'
      experience teaching and doing research in climate related field.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    * Strong scientific background in and experience doing research in
      Atmospheric, Climate, Environmental, Ecosystem, or some other area
      of Earth System Science
    * Experience facilitating scientific research by students and teachers.
    * Thorough knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
      Mathematics) education including knowledge of U.S. and
      International science education standards and assessment.
    * Experience developing high-quality STEM curricular materials and
      conducting high-quality STEM professional development
    * Proven ability to develop and manage complex science education
      projects that involve the use and sharing of scientific data and
      ideas by students and teachers
    * Proven ability to work and build effective collaborations with
      scientists, educators, policy makers and sponsors in both the US
      and internationally
    * Proven success in grant writing to support science education
      projects and activities.
    * Self-starter with a demonstrated ability to work independently and
    * Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    * Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks.
    * Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines,
      and use discretion and judgment in completing assignments.
    * Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact
      effectively with culturally diverse constituents and sponsors
    * Demonstrated ability to use word processing, database/spreadsheet,
      presentation, and communications software.
    * Ability to sit at a computer and focus on work for extended
      periods of time (up to 6 hours/day)
    * Ability to travel

*DESIRED (but not required):*

    * Ph.D. in science or science education, with at least 3 years'
      experience conducting scientific research and/or teaching at the
      undergraduate or secondary level, and/or developing and managing
      science education projects.

*Required Experience*
Master’s degree in science or public administration, and at least three 
years of relevant program experience; or an equivalent combination of 
education and experience.

Job Location
Boulder, CO, US.

Position Type

Appointment Type
Regular, Full-Time (R1)

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