[CESElist] Statistics Comparing Numbers of "ES" Majors?

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Dear Thomas et al.,

Of course there are many "rocks for jocks" courses still around.   
However, the new, modern high-quality ESS courses and materials are  
highly qualified as "laboratory science".  In any case, at least at  
UC the University examine each course to see what its content is.    
The key factor is making it clear from their published requirements  
that ESS courses are admissable as a laboratory course.

On Aug 3, 2007, at 7:53 AM, Thomas McGuire wrote:

> On 8/2/07 11:34 AM, "Eldridge Moores" <moores at geology.ucdavis.edu>  
> wrote:
>> The idea that Earth and Space sciences are not laboratory sciences  
>> is absurd.
> Colleagues,
> Unfortunately, Eldridge, I don’t think it’s absurd. Earth science  
> can be as rigorous and have a laboratory component as meaningful as  
> any other science. A number of exemplary local programs exist  
> throughout the country. But the overall quality of teachers,  
> facilities and students does not meet those of the “Nobel Laureate  
> sequence.” The public and politicians are well aware of this. I  
> often hear stories such as a football coach who, as a second  
> thought, also teaches ES.
> Any solution needs to address our own deficiencies as well as  
> public bias.
> Belittling the logic of those who oppose ES as a recognized  
> laboratory science is self serving rhetoric. Probably the most  
> effective solution involves a strong political initiative. Ed Roy  
> with AGI mounted a campaign in TX and found the political waters  
> difficult, devious and deceptive. (alliteration) Ed is a respected  
> administrator at Trinity College and AGI has a major presence in  
> Texas. Frustrations abounded and I don’t know how much they  
> accomplished. But the effort and resources they brought to the task  
> was impressive.
> I was never a fan of Survivor, but I think of it when I become  
> aware of some of the political tactics I see when I’ve run for re- 
> election to our local town council. Scientists tend to take  
> problems straight on and with logic. But if he wants to be a  
> survivor, a gun-fighter shoots his opponent in the back. In  
> politics, which this is, “all’s fair in live and war!” (and  
> politics) I’m not suggesting dishonesty, but I am suggesting that  
> real change is likely to require a close examination of prevailing  
> tactics and a realistic evaluation of the battlefield.
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