[CESElist] Earth System Science Certification Program

smossavi6585 at charter.net smossavi6585 at charter.net
Wed Aug 1 16:26:42 MDT 2007

As in the case that Eldridge pointed out, at Mankato hostility to earth science education came from the Chemistry faculty (despite having geology IN their department) as well as from the Dean of the College of Science and faculty in the College of Education. In the latter case...it was a desire for more course time to be spent on pedagogy classes from their college. As for the Dean of the College of Science, he has stated the following reason for not staffing or supporting earth science education, on several occasions, "They are only going to be teachers...what do they need to know." This is an administrator paid well over $100,000 per year who oversees the largest cohorts of future teachers in the state of Minnesota. Academia is BIG part of the problem! Dean Moosavi

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