CEDAR email: CEDAR science steering committee nominations

Astrid Maute maute at ucar.edu
Mon Jun 18 08:07:50 MDT 2018

Dear CEDAR community:

Each year at the CEDAR workshop, colleagues from the community are selected
to serve on the CEDAR Science Steering Committee. This year, in addition to
filling several seats, we will be selecting an incoming chair.

We strive to comprise the CSSC of a diverse and engaged set of peers to
represent and respond to the broader CEDAR community, as well as to plan
the annual CEDAR workshop. Thus, we hereby solicit input from the community
for nominations of potential new CSSC members, including a new student
member. Please send names for consideration to the current CEDAR chair,
Jonathan Makela, at jmakela at illinois.edu.

Current CSSC members who are rotating off at the year’s workshop are Yue
Deng, Ludger Scherliess, Edwin Mierkiewicz, Astrid Maute, and Meghan
Burleigh (student rep). The full CSSC roster, as well as a historical
listing of all past CSSCs can be found at:


We look forward to seeing you next week in Santa Fe.


Jonathan Makela (on behalf of the CSSC)
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