CEDAR email: New EXTENSION for Abstracts COSPAR 2018 sessions C5.1 "Active Space Experiments" DUE Sun 18 Feb 22:59 UTC

James Sheerin jsheerin at emich.edu
Fri Feb 16 12:12:12 MST 2018

SUNDAY 18 FEB  22:59 UTC
so you have most of the weekend

Dear Colleagues in Active Space Experiments,

We invite you to attend
the 42nd COSPAR Scientific Assembly
14 -22 July 2018
Pasadena CA, USA

We have more than 50 contributors from around the world so far

C5.1 Active Space Experiments

   1. Ionospheric modification by high power radio waves radiated by
ground-based sources.
   2. Ionospheric chemical releases, particle beam and wave injections
from spacecraft.
   3. Modeling of linear and non-linear space plasma processes in
laboratory devices.
   4. Ground based transmission of ELF/VLF waves.
   5  Other active experiments on space plasmas
   6.  Laboratory experiments related to space experiments

Submission of abstracts for the 42nd Scientific Assembly of
the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) is now underway.

Scientific program, abstract submission, Assembly poster, etc.:


- Abstract deadline:  Sunday 18 February 2018  23:59 CET  (22:59 UTC)

Registration, accommodation and general information:


- Early registration deadline:  27 April 2018

The program for distinguished interdisciplinary lectures is now available
and may be consulted at:

Please forward this message to colleagues who may be interested in
submitting an abstract.

We look forward to your participation in the
2018 COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Session C5.1 Active Space Experiments

Yours sincerely,

Prof James P Sheerin, Main Scientific Organizer (MSO)
jsheerin at emich.edu

Prof Robert Moore, Deputy Organizer (DO)
moore at ece.ufl.edu

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